Self Coaching Exercise - Step 1 Goals

4 minutes
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In this lecture, we will get into how to use the exercises of the self coaching process to obtain results. When we, when you complete this lecture, you will understand how using these exercises can help you reach your goals. So, this is the second part of the training, and it's all about the exercises. It's going through the simple questions us in the personal self coaching process that you are required to answer. You need to answer them truthfully and completely to ensure that you obtain the results you're looking for. And again, this is all about you.

Doing it yourself and working with yourself. So there's no buddy that's going to be questioning you or demanding things from you. It's all about what you are asking yourself in what you're committing to yourself that you're Going to do which I find very very important. from experience, the self administered model is effective in helping most people obtain Small and Medium goals. However, if you require additional assistance for larger and complex goals and we suggest you engage a life or business coach to assist you in the full growth coaching model. So in step number one, you need to write down the important goals that you want to achieve.

So I suggest you, you know, brainstorm and look, you know, start writing things down that you really want to achieve. Don't limit yourself to just 10 items, write them down, think about it, process you know, different goals. Maybe you make some for your home life, your health, your finances, your you know, your your business, life, etc. You're not going to focus on all of them at once, but write them all down. So you need to understand these goals. So when you're thinking of goals, let's go back to the goal questions, we reviewed it first.

So think about, you know, what are the goals I want to achieve? Why am I hoping to achieve this goal? Who, who else needs to know about the plan to achieve this goal? And how will I inform them? What do I want more of in my life? And what would I try now if I knew I couldn't fail?

What am I aiming for in the short, medium or long term? When would I like to reach this? How will I know when I've achieved it? What will it look feel and sound like? And what could I work on now that would make the biggest difference in my life? So when you look at these questions, it'll allow you to build upon it All the goals that you want in the different aspects of your life.

So once you've, you know, as you're going through the goals, you take step two. So look at all the goals that you wrote down on your list. And I'm hoping that you wrote down you know, a lot of them. So, which one of them is most important to you? That's what you want to think about, you know, complete once you determine which one and only one that you want to focus on, that becomes your primary goal and you're going to follow the process, the remain your process with that one goal in mind. So step number three is based upon smaller tasks, how long will it take me to achieve my goals?

That goal, that one goal? Do I commit 100% to achieve this goal, and what reward will I give myself once I achieve this goal? goal. So those are the things you want to think about. So in this lecture, we started talking about the self coaching exercise process, and how we can use it to decide on which goals we're going to focus on. So, I hope you found this information useful and informative.

If you have any questions, please let us know. And I'll see you in the next video.

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