Self Coaching Exercise - Step 6 Habits

8 minutes
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So in this lecture, we will ask some questions about your current habits, and how you can change your habits so that you move closer to reaching your goal that you've set out in this exercise. So when you complete this lecture, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to create better habits that will allow you to obtain that goal. So when you think about habits, think of you know what you need to start doing and what you need to stop doing to help you achieve that goal, and I usually like to break that down into a little form a little table, writing down everything that I I believe I need to start doing and doing regularly repeatedly. So I need to build them into habits. And over time, I can do that so you can list you know, three to five items that you need to think you need to develop in order to make that happen.

And then you also want to think of Okay, well, you've only got 24 hours in the day. So what other habits should you stop? So that you have time to build in the new habits you want to develop so that you can easily obtain your your goal or objective. So ask yourself this additional questions like, what are some good habits I already have that can help me reach my goal. What habits? Do I need to change to obtain my goal?

What is my plan to sustain my success? Once I reach the goal, you want to sustain it? So what are you going to do to do that? And can you break this plan down into manageable steps and actions? Can you sustain each of these steps until they become an involuntary activity or habit? Which can take 30 to 45 days.

Additional questions are what activities are you going to have to give up to allow this new habit to be developed? Are you committed to this change? From this current habit that it's a bad habit? Will you tell others about the new habit you're trying to form and why you're doing it? And can you develop an affirmation statement around this habit to remind yourself of its importance to your success? So, you need to think about what skills and knowledge you need to develop and make into a habit or to build into the process to achieving your goal.

So the next step would be to write down any new skills or knowledge that you believe you need to have to achieving your goal. And again, you're Write down you know, five to 10 different skills or knowledge items that you need to help you reach that goal. When you're looking at this new habit or actions that you need, don't be scared of taking the first step. Ask yourself, what's the worst thing that can happen? For each and every action that you are nervous about or reluctant to take? Then proceed to answer that question for each action.

Most cases, you'll never obtain the worst case scenario. So if you think that the worst thing that's going to happen is x, you're probably only going to end up at, you know, J anyway, so you can still take that action and not worry about really the worst thing that's going to happen because it won't happen. After you've thought about the worst thing that can happen, flip that question on its lid and ask yourself Well, what's the best thing that could happen if I take this action. Somewhere in between the best thing in the worst is where you're going to land. So that gives you your boundaries and allows you to, to feel comfortable taking the next step to taking that action. Get into a habit of flipping any negative thinking you have into positive thinking.

When looking at your actions, there's always good and bad in everything that you do. So if you focus on the positive outcomes of your actions, you're more likely to take the step forward towards your goal. The actual worst thing that can happen is never as bad as you think it is. When you really analyze it. There are a few actions for improving your life that are going to cause you serious or mental harm. There are very few, hardly any.

We may think and action is risky, but when we really look at it, objectively, a lot of this relax Since is about a changing in our mindset, change is never easy. But if you work through your negative thoughts and make them positive, you're well on your way to achieving your goal. The next step that I do is writing down my progress. So what is working well, when thinking about my accomplishments, and what do I need to change or improve? So again, you're going to want to write down some of your, you know, based upon your progress that you're making towards that goal. what's working well, and what isn't?

And how can you change what isn't into more like what is working well? And that's the big question. And again, you want to ask yourself who can help me achieve this goal faster and just write down the person's name maybe you want to talk to them. So when you complete this self coaching exercise, You will have determined your primary goal and a process to bring it to completion. So that's what we've done through this entire exercises. We've taken one goal, just one.

And we've gone through the growth coaching model, asking yourself questions based upon each of the sections of the growth coaching model. And by doing that, we built a process that will allow you to bring that goal to completion if you follow the steps and you take action. So the results you get from following this self directed coaching model will be equal to the effort you put into following the process and answering the questions that we've gone over and taking the action. That is key. You need to take action, whether it's in filling out the the exercises, whether it's taking action about a particular item that will help you reach your goal. It's all about you taking the action.

So, I have to let you know that many people have used the same process to bring about life changing growth within their lives. I certainly have and I know others that I've coached who have done that as well. So whether you have a personal life goal such as losing weight or finding a new career, the process to follow is the same. This is also true for business related goals. As stated above, this personal self growth results coaching exercise is suitable for small and medium sized goals. When you're doing self coaching, it is best to focus on one goal or one result of the time.

If you have more complex goals required. You know, taking multiple steps towards a goal or Once, then you may want to consider getting involved with a personal life coach. A life coaches train in helping people get the best results on larger product projects following the same process. So in this lecture, we've asked some questions about building better habits and you wrote them down. We've also discussed the benefits of using this process to obtain a goal or action that you need to take in your life or business. So in the next section, we'll wrap up this training, and I'll see you in the next video.

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