T is for Tactics

4 minutes
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In this lecture, we will discuss the T or tactics portion of the growth coaching process. When we when you complete this lecture, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to determine the tactics that you will use to reach your goals. So, what are tactics? What is my plan, procedure and timeframe for completing this action and obtaining my desired results? And how will I do it? What strategies will I use?

How can I hold myself accountable for the actions that I need to take? So, how and by When will I be able to do this? Here are some tips for tactic development. You can use these tips to give yourself some additional ideas on how to go about this. So, the first thing is to identify your needs. identifying your needs is a way That you will understand by mapping them to tactics and up to larger goal.

Establish your success matrix. Based on the growth evaluation, having a measurement of for your success allows you to measure the effectiveness of the tactics and plans that you're using. So you also have to understand your investment. There's different costs associated with attempting to obtain any goal and there's one is personal cost. What will be the personal cost to these tactics and changes in my life? How will I deal with both positive and negative costs that come out of my actions?

Process costs, what are the total costs of this process? Are the benefits I think I'm going to attain by reaching this goal and changes made in my life worth the costs of the engagement in this process? And are there any hidden costs? Have I missed any hidden costs that I should be considering? What will I do if a cost that I'm not aware of shows up? So when you consider tactics, here are a few questions that you can ask yourself for each of the goals that you set out.

How and when will I do this action by? What is my plan to do this? What support Do I need to get this done? What are three actions that I can take? That would make sense this week? That's very important.

And on a scale of one to 10? How excited do I feel about taking these actions? How do I need or what do I need from myself or others to achieve these goals? And how will I know when I've done them? Who will I involve in this process? When will I do this?

Answer Specifically, what actions will I take and when will I carry them out? What specific step would I take next? And how will it help me meet my goal? And when you're thinking about tactics, taking that initial first step towards your goal and taking the action that you need to is very important it gets you started and allows you to build on it and it can be very small action step, but it's it's necessary to take one right away. So when we look at tactics, there are certain benefits. Some benefits can be quantified.

These include personal costs, increases in wages, productivity changes time and quality. These represent a can be represented by hard data in a spreadsheet or, or in a Word document. Other benefits from taking action are more difficult to quantify. But are you Equally important, including er morale, creativity boosts feeling of accomplishment and personal culture shifts. As you develop your tactics for reaching your goals and the results you desire, you may want to consider some of the attributes of a good leader. Some of these will pertain to your goals and actions while others may not.

These are ideas to reduce your limitations and help you develop more tactics and actions to help you reach your goal quicker. In this lecture, we'll discuss the tactic portion of the growth coaching model. In the next section, we will discuss how creating habits can help you reach your goals that you want to obtain. See you in the next video.

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