Self Coaching Exercise - Step 4 Will

3 minutes
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Welcome back. In this lecture, we will ask some questions about what will you do this will allow you to write these actions down so that you can move closer to reaching your goal that you said in the first of the sexercise. So when you complete this lecture, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to create activities that you can begin and start moving forward with. So when we think of will questions, these are more What will you do? You can ask yourself, which of my options feels best? Seems best, looks best and sounds best.

Which would take me nearest to my long term goal. Which action would give me the most satisfaction and on a scale of one to 10? how committed Am I to the school what action would have had To know, if I achieve that goal, who do I need to talk to first? And who else needs to know? additional well questions include, what would increase my success rate? You know, handling fear, clearer steps more support from somebody, what would happen?

And what is the cost if I do nothing about this? And how will I know this is completed with satisfaction? How am I going to do this action? What is the first step in the process to do this action and when am I going to do it? Can anything stop me from completing this action? And what are the risks of taking action?

So, when you think about the goal, you think about the the reality that you have The options that you currently have modeled and written down, you can then look at the actions you need to take. So right down, you know which actions do I need to take to achieve this goal, analyze the goal and break it down to small, actionable steps. If a goal cannot be broken down into actions and tasks, then obviously it's way too general. And you need to be more specific with your goal. So what I suggest you do is you write down, you know, 5678 actions that you can take and itemize them one at a time, so that you know where to start and where you're going to finish. So in this lecture, we've asked some questions about what can and will you do and you wrote them down.

In the next section, we will continue to build upon these will responses by looking at what tactics you can use See you in the next video.

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