Growth: The Personal Self Coaching System

4 minutes
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In this first section of the training, we will discuss coaching and self coaching. We'll discuss when you should use both. What is self coaching? Well, self coaching is a step by step coaching process that people can personally use to make changes in their life or business. Self coaching is a viable solution for you to teach to reach new goals and to get improved results. In order for this process to be successful, you need the right attitude, discipline, and dedication.

Is it time to self coach? Well, first things first, most people want to know when they should try self coaching. Well, typically, the main reason people search out a coach is to make changes in their life. This change or changes can be either personal or professional. In nature, such as seeking a promotion starting in difficult new project, moving across country or making a career change, could even be losing weight or trying to stop smoking. Any of those items can be helped with a coach.

So you need to find out where you need help which one of these items or which item in your life do you feel a physical sensation or thought pattern related to something that is just not right? These physical and mental responses will give you an indication of what you believe is good and not so good in your life. You may feel your health is okay, but your finances are not the best. So you try focusing on the area requiring the most improvement. Most coaching professionals or rec recommend that you focus On one area of your life at a time, yes, it could take a month or even a year to complete that first goal. But do not move on to another goal until you're ready.

So the key to self coaching is setting manageable, smart goals. Your goals should be short and to the point. Keep your goals to three to five words so that you remember them. And your goals should also be smart, meaning they should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. So you can do it. Your goal should be written out on a piece of paper or recorded on the computer, I would actually suggest both writing it out and typing it into your computer will strengthen the goal in your mind.

For small, smart goals. It's easy for a person to follow a process to improve their results on their own. And this is where self coaching comes in play. You know that you know what's most important in your life, who you want to become and the results you want to achieve. No one else knows you as well as you saw the growth coaching method. Now the growth coaching model was originally designed for executive coaching.

But in this training, we have modified it to be used as a self administered coaching process. We are using this model because of its effectiveness and helping you achieve results and success in your own life with or without the assistance of a coach. This model and the resulting process offers an effective framework to help you realize what's truly important in life. It can also keep you you Your personal success and achievement process on track. So, the coaching process this growth coaching model is used in a similar manner as a compass to find a path in a general direction rather than a rigid sequence of steps. It can also be used in the PDCA plan do check adjust cycle method commonly used in both business and in life for continuous improvement.

In this video, we have tried to give you an overview of the coaching process and the growth coaching model. In the next section, we will discuss goals and how to develop specific goals that you can obtain. See you in the next video.

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