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Hi, my name is Jeff Yeomans and I'm a coach at the personal coaching center. That's a picture of me on the right hand side of the screen with my beautiful wife, Kim. And this presentation. This training is all about a book that I wrote, not too recently about the self coaching. So it's all about how you can self coach yourself to small goals and using a process that will allow you to reach those goals and an easy way. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through this presentation, talking about the process that we use within the self coaching system.

And then I'm going to go over some exercises that you can use using you know, pen and paper or your computer to identify your goals and follow them through the process so that you can reach them and obtain them in a quick manner. So I'd like to introduce you to the software Coaching system. You know most people don't have the money to hire a life coach. So what is the average hard working person to do? Well, many coaches life coaches at the personal coaching center would suggest that you start off with self coaching. After you complete this course you'll be able to create create clear goals for yourself using the self coaching process.

You will understand how to use this process so you can take control of your thinking and improve your life. You will have the exercises required to to complete the self coaching process and bring improvement to your life. And you'll be able to use the self coaching system for new goals as they appear

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