G is for Goal

4 minutes
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In this lecture, we will discuss goals which is the G in the growth model. When you complete this lecture, you will understand how to make the best goals so that you can achieve them and be successful in the self coaching process. G is for goal. Ask yourself, what do I really want to achieve? What is my ideal outcome? It is very important to set a specific goal at the very beginning of this process.

Better still. Please identify a goal that is smart IE it is specific, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The growth process helps to ensure this. Remember, only set goals that inspire you goal achievement requires commitment patience, persistence and perseverance. So to maximize your chances of goal setting success, remember to make sure that your goals are both inspiring and relevant to you. It's also important to have goals that match with your values.

Otherwise, you will keep putting up barriers in your way subconsciously. By exploring the reality of your goals, it can help to uncover your values and self limiting beliefs and goals are often re defined and revise in view of this situation. So, these are some questions that you can ask yourself in the first part of the process of the goal questions. You know, what are the goals I want to achieve? Why am I hoping to achieve these goals? Who else needs to know about the plan that I have online form those people.

What do I want more in my life? What would I try now if I knew I couldn't fail? What am I aiming for in the long, medium and short term? And when would I like to reach those goals? There are several other types of questions you can ask based around the goal question, but these are just a few that I thought I'd mentioned. So you need to create a schedule to put your plan into action.

Start immediately to complete a small action that will build toward your goal. As you complete an action, complete, or begin another action until all actions are completed. never reach your current goal without setting another higher goal. And lastly, never quit. Always move forward towards your goals. Especially when obstacles get in your way.

So self coaching goal setting. Everybody knows that goal setting is a habit that separates the top 5% of the people in the world. This 5% are the ones getting things done and making improvements in their life. It's not a secret that this goal setting has helped them achieve those goals. Follow the simple self directed goal setting system. Ask yourself to decide exactly what you want and write it down on a piece of paper.

Then write down on the paper when you want to be completed by list all the reasons feelings and emotions you have about the goal in one column. Determine and record the expected obstacles in your way on another call. What habits and attitudes Must you change? outline your plan to achieve these goals that your goal and ask some important questions of yourself? Like, do I believe in my plan? Can I work this plan?

Is the goal worth the price and create a schedule to put that plan into action. I hope that the information from this video you found useful and understand the importance of goal setting. You'll be able to use this information as we proceed through the remainder of the training. See you in the next video.

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