Self Coaching Exercise - Step 2 Reality

3 minutes
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So in this lecture, we will ask some questions about your current reality so that you can write them down and move closer to obtaining the goal that you folk that we're going to focus on for the remainder of this exercise. So when we complete this lecture, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to create understanding about your current reality as it relates to that one goal. So thinking about the goal that you set in the goal setting process of the exercise, you selected one goal that you want to focus on. So thinking about that goal, what do I want to see is happening at the moment around that goal? What have I done so far towards this one goal? What is the main concern around this goal?

And what resources do I have to help me with this goal? Currently, when you think about this one goal, what might be holding you back? What haven't I reached? Why haven't you reached this goal already? And why do I think it's stopping me from reaching the goal? What do I think other people's perception of the situation is?

And think about this one. Do I know other people who have cheated who have achieved this one goal? So when you've, you know, gone through this process, you want to then go into the reality questions. And thinking about that one goal again. Ask yourself, what am I already tried? And how could I turn this around this time?

What could I do better this time, on a scale of one to 10 how severe serious or urgent Is the situation around this goal? And how's the current situation affecting me? or others? What are the factors I need to consider? Do I need anybody else to participate in this conversation with me? how urgent is this situation for me?

How will my success failure at addressing this goal affect the rest of my life or business? And who else do I believe shares my concern? To find a solution? How will I feel to handle to have this handled? So once you've gone through the reality portion of the process, you will then take this printout and write down strengths that you have that can help you achieve this goal that you that you've set for yourself. This one goal that you Except for yourself and you want to write down, you know, three or four different strengths that you have that will help you reach that goal.

So in this lecture, we've asked some questions around your current reality. And hopefully you've wrote them down and you've taken notes so that you can build on this information in the next section. So in the next session, we will build upon the process by looking at various options you have around the school. So we'll see you in the next video.

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