W is for What will I do

3 minutes
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Hi, welcome back to the course. In this lecture, we will discuss the W, which represents the will questions of the growth coaching process. When you complete this course, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to develop the actions you will use to create your goals and to reach them. So, will is what will I do? Which options will I really enjoy doing because it is part of the life I want? Which ones Am I willing to do regardless of how much work it takes?

Which one will I actually do because it will take me nearer to the goal or my dream. This is where commitment comes in. This is the step just before action or implementation. The next step required required Here's your full commitment. You need to write down what you're willing to agree to, and include a timetable with a commitment statement in order for you to take action. So when you ask yourself these types of questions during the will process, you asked which of my options best, looks like or sounds like the best?

Which options would take me near to my long term goal? Which option would give me the most satisfaction? On a scale of one to 10? how committed Am I to this goal? Who would I need to know? Or who would I need to tell about achievement of this goal?

Who would I need to talk to first and who is everybody that needs to know? What would increase my success rate? What will happen at what cost to If I don't do anything, how will I know? This is completed with satisfaction? And how am I going to do this? What's the first step?

And when do I take that step? Could anything stop me? And what are the risks? So the power of Will you need to remember that it can be really hard to get rid of old habits and develop new ones, especially if you had them for years. But by following this process, you can move closer to your dreams. Your commitment to the process and actions must be strong.

You are not just improving your life. But in some cases, you have to mend your broken spirit to become the best you can be. you will require new habits that are actually good for you. You will you get to improve on different fields of your life. In the growth process you're willing to produce Speight is needed your willingness. Basically, it is helping you to see the benefits and outcomes as you develop a plan to obtain success.

So in this lecture we've discussed the will questions with the growth growth growth coaching process. I hope you found the information useful and informative. If you have any questions, please let us know. And we'll see you in the next video.

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