Self Coaching Exercise - Step 5 Tactics

4 minutes
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Hi, and welcome back to the course. In this lecture, we will ask some questions about the tactics that you'll use, so that you can write them down and move a little bit closer to reaching your goal. So when you complete this lecture, you will understand what questions you need to ask yourself to develop tactics related to reaching your goal. So when we look at tactic questions, here are some things you can ask yourself. How and when will I do this action? What is my plan to do this?

What support Do I need to get it done? What three actions can I take? This week? That makes sense to me? On a scale of one to 10 how excited do I feel about taking these actions? What do I need from myself or others to help me achieve this?

How will I know Know when I've done it? Who will I involve in this? And when will I do this? So think about that in relation to the one goal that we set out in this exercise. So, specifically, what actions will I take? And when will I carry them out?

What specific steps would I take next? And how will that meet my objective or goal? Here are some additional tips for tactic development that you can use when thinking about ideas, so identify your needs, identify your needs and ways that you will understand by mapping them to the tactic and then up to the goal. So make sure that you, you pinpoint them all the way up to reaching your goal. So again, writing things down really assist with that. And so will a mind map, I use a mind map quite often, when I'm thinking about a goal, I'll base it on the goal will be my my center point.

And then I'll look at the different reality options. actions are will and the tactics and then the habits that I need to form to create that that goal. So establish new success metrics. Based on the growth evaluation, making a measurement for your success allows you to measure the effectiveness of each tactic and plan that you come up with. So understanding the investment again, there's with every goal there is an investment. This investment could be personal.

So it could be personal costs, what will the personal cost of these tactics and changes in my life be and how will I do Deal with both positive and negative costs that come from my actions. So write that down, you know, how will you deal with it? process cost one of the, what's the total costs of this process that I'm undertaking to achieve this goal? So when you think about that, think of what are the benefits I will obtain from reaching my goal and the changes made in my life? are they worth the cost of engaging in the process? And that can be a yes no answer, or it can be, you know, a more detailed answer depending upon the goal that you're you're thinking about.

Then lastly, you need to think about the hidden cost, you know, think about anything that you've missed, that you should be considering when it comes to the cost factor. And when you think of that, think what will I do if a costs that I have not, you know, been made aware of shows itself, think of what will you do whether it's a personal costs or a process cost? Is it a financial impact? Is it a time impact? How will you handle that and just write it down. So in this lecture, we've asked some questions about your tactics, and you wrote them down.

So in this next lecture, we will build upon the process by looking at building habits around your tactics. See you in the next video.

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