Consulting Kickstart™️

Ready to start your management consulting job but have no idea what it takes to succeed on Day 1? Get the ultimate no-nonsense guide to kickstarting your consulting career in 5 days or less.

Consulting Kickstart™️

Ready to start your management consulting job but have no idea what it takes to succeed on Day 1? Get the ultimate no-nonsense guide to kickstarting your consulting career in 5 days or less.
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About the Class

Consulting Kickstart™️ is essentially 2 years in the making. But it'll take you only 5 days to implement. The idea for Consulting Kickstart™️ came to me when a new consultant asked me what exactly they needed to know on day1 of joining a consulting firm, the shortest shortcut that would make the best impression on day1.

The techniques I teach inside Consulting Kickstart™️ come from learning at each stage of my Big4 Consulting career, where I grew from Consultant to Director. I'm sharing what I've learned in my 10-year Consulting career, so you can make the most impressive start to yours.

Imagine knowing exactly what to expect from consulting projects and how to navigate your consulting firm in the first few weeks. Consulting Kickstart™️ packages all the info you need for week 1 of consulting so you can make the most impactful and successful start to your career.

I'm essentially handing you a secret weapon to kickstart your Consulting career.
You're most welcome.

Ready to get the exact info you need ( no less) to build the strongest foundation for your Consulting career?
Of Course, you are! 
The Consulting model has been flipped.
In Consulting, first impressions can be the difference between getting the high profile projects and visibility that can accelerate or slow down your career by years.

Especially with so much going crazy with our economy, I know so many new and aspiring Consultants are struggling, because the Consulting model has completely flipped.

The one thing that Consulting relies on learning on the job through mentorship and connections, has been wiped out.

Finding the right mentor can accelerate your career 10x but if you're an introvert like me, it gets really tough. And if that's not hard enough, how do you do this with the whole world being remote??
So how do you ensure your career still thrives?
By learning from someone who has grown in Consulting of course! Someone who has been through every stage and knows exactly what it takes to get to the next level.

Whether you're a fresh graduate with 0 experience or an experienced hire new to Management Consulting, Consulting Kickstart™️ will give you the exact steps to follow in Week 1 and beyond, to impress the right people, in a genuine manner, while showcasing the Consulting skills you need to succeed.

Not only that, you will know the no fluff steps you can take today to grow to the next level in Consulting. And while Consulting Kickstart™️ is primarily targeted at new Consultants, it is of tremendous value to aspiring Consultants in understanding the nuances of Management Consulting. 

The Consulting Kickstart™️ works for any type of Management Consulting path, irrespective of industry. 
If you're looking for the shortest shortcut to making an excellent impression in Week 1, I've got you covered. 
What will you learn in this course?

1. Consulting 101

Know the nuances of Consulting projects and hit the ground running, without spending months on the job or running around to 
find a mentor (6 videos, 2 downloads)

2. PowerPoint Hacks

Get an insider view into all the techniques I've used in 10 years of Consulting to create stellar client presentations - along with my templates. (6 videos, 2 downloads)

3. Excel Kickstart

Become an Analysis ninja by using the exact formulae you'll ever need - no more no less - plus you get to keep my templates.
(7 videos, 7 downloads)

4. Key Consulting skills

Introduction to the 8 Must-Have Consulting skills (real examples and takeaways) that Consulting firms pay thousands of dollars to teach their staff. (8 videos, 1 download)

7 Project Types

  • Detailed walk-throughs of the 7 types of Management Consulting projects.
  • Discover the A to Z approach for each project
  • Most Consultants learn this after years in Consulting.
    (7 videos, 2 downloads)


  • Projects masterclass shows you the exact steps to take before, during, and after any Consulting project through the PWRS™️ framework
  • Lesson1 from Consulting
  • Bootcamp sets you up for success on Day 1 through my CLVR™️ Storyboarding Framework (2 videos)
Who should take this course?

1. Intern at a Consulting firm (or applying to be)

You have 0 – 1 year of experience and have just completed your undergraduate degree. You have joined as an Analyst and are usually the most junior person on the team

2. MBA hires at a Consulting firm (or applying to be)

You have 1- 5 years of experience and have just completed your MBA. You have (or aspire to be) been recruited from B-school as part of a batch of new Consultants / Senior Consultants in the firm
The Consulting Kickstart tutorial shows you exactly what it takes to:
  • Hit the ground running and make an excellent impression in Week 1 
  • Know exactly how Consulting projects work and become an asset to your team 
  • Impress the right network with your skills and land the plum projects
  • Build a Consulting mindset and know exactly what to do in week 1 and beyond 
  • Enhance your visibility and fast track your progress 
And you can complete this in 5 days or less.

Does this work for Business Analysts joining Management Consulting?
Consulting Kickstart™️ works perfectly for Business Analysts (BAs) or Business technology Analysts (BTAs) joining Consulting firms after undergrad studies. It will give you a headstart over the rest of your batch as they struggle to figure out how Consulting works and why you are always 1 step ahead!

Will this work for me if I am an experienced hire from another industry?

The biggest value of Consulting Kickstart™️ is that it gives you a crash course in how Consulting projects work and the key Consulting skills you need to grow up the Consulting ladder. Additionally, the Excel and PowerPoint modules will give you the exact information you need to impress your peers and Partners alike.

What if I'm already too busy and barely have time to do anything?!

As a mom in Consulting (for 7 years!) I feel you. But you don't need hours and hours to work through the Consulting Kickstart™️ videos. A disciplined hour or two every evening for 5 days will do the trick. You got this!

Can I buy this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Consulting Kickstart™️, and the fact that you could consume it (and implement it!) within a few hours, I do not offer refunds. But, once you complete and implement the practical, no BS steps in Consulting Kickstart, you'll be thinking of another r-word: Referral!

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

Pretty much as soon as you join! All you have to do is sign-up and you'll get everything delivered straight to your inbox. This is a self-paced, instant access tutorial. My vote is for starting sooner than later.


Punya Sandhu

Hi, I'm Punya A former management consultant with 15 years of experience at 2 Big4 firms, I have served top Fortune500 clients and worked in 6 countries.I've changed 3 careers working across several industries and I'm passionate about sharing the crucial, but little known Business Skills, that can help you: stop playing small land the most high...


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One-time Fee
CHF 134.38
NOK kr1,602.34
DKK kr1,030.49
ISK kr20,656.44
SEK kr1,598.74

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Consulting Mindset, Land Plum Projects, Fast Track Progress, Hit the Ground Running, Visibility Enhancement, Consulting Projects Work, Impress the Right Network
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 4 hours 2 minutes
36 Videos
14 Documents
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