Intentional Weight Loss Guided Course

Learn how to well-balanced metabolism, improve detoxification, and mental clarity.

Intentional Weight Loss Guided Course

Learn how to well-balanced metabolism, improve detoxification, and mental clarity.
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About the Class

28-day weight loss transformational process.

Get to your purpose, plan, progress, and persevere.

A 4-week online detox program.

What will you learn in this course?

  • A 4-week program to repair and heal the gut, support the liver, and promote detoxification.
  • Weekly meal plans and recipes provided.
  • Recorded cooking demos.
  • Group blood work review.
  • Learn to eat real, whole food. No calorie counting or starvation - Support your body and mind.

Reconnect with your mind and body to rebuild the foundation of your health - from the gut, out. 

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  • Week 1 - understand your personal connection to weight gain and the inability to lose it. 
    • Your purpose and goals
    • Relationship to food
  • Week 2 - create the environment to succeed and easy cooking for enjoyment and nourishment.  
    • Nourishment, time to eat, the body
    • How to get into ketosis
  • Week 3 - How to sustain this as a lifetime journey.  
    • Sustainability
    • The journey
    • Roadblocks and how to overcome
  • Week 4 - Celebrate your progress and commit to your long-term health goals. 
    • Putting it all together
    • Commitments and rewards

Recorded recipes:

  • Whole grain breakfast porridge.
  • Crunchy breakfast cereal.
  • Lemon and greens lentil soup.
  • Miso mushroom soup.
  • Spring bean salad.
  • Veggie eggless frittata.
  • Sweet potato chickpea lunch.
  • Pear and leek soup.
  • A 3-course meal in 1 hour.
  • Chickpea blondies.

If you have any questions please email me:

Check out my podcast, Women wired for wellness, for more health and wellness inspiration:

Yours in health and vitality,

Dr. Nisha Chellam

Work with me:


Dr. Nisha Chellam, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor
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Dr. Nisha started her medical career believing that disease and aging is inevitable. At the age of 42 she developed significant fatigue and started gaining weight. It was her daily headaches and worsening of her allergies that took a toll. She exercised and changed her diet only to gain more weight. She was introduced to functional medicine and...

Class Requirements

  • Always consult with your medical physician before starting any new nutrition or exercise program.
  • By purchasing this course you are not entering into any patient-physician relationship with Dr. Nisha Chellam. This course is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. 

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Digestive Health, Nutrition, Nourishment, Cooking, Weight Loss, Immune Support
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 8 hours 41 minutes
16 Videos
13 Documents
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