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Okay, so we have our education, we have our work experience, we have our volunteer experience and our resume, strong start. Now there are a few other things that you can include in your resume. Some of them may be optional, some of them may be mandatory, it depends on the job you're applying to. So some examples, we could include certifications and awards. Now, if the job you're applying to calls for certain certifications, then you're definitely going to want to list those in your resume. Same thing goes for technical or computer skills.

Maybe you know, the industry requires certain technical skills or the job posting is asking for them. So you'll want to include those as well. And then there might be other things could be languages you speak hobbies is a bit of a tricky one, but I'll get into that in a moment. So I'm just going to show you kind of how you could fit these things in you don't have to limit yourself to any of these items could be multiple others. If you have any questions about that. I'm happy to answer them if you reach out in the comments.

So Let's say we've got a certification and awards section. Now, if you have multiple certifications, or multiple awards, these may call for separate sections. But as we get towards the bottom of the resume, it's okay to kind of combine things if you're if you're strapped for space. So let's take a look at what these might look like. So let's say we want an award. We'll start same exact formatting as we did for jobs, for education for volunteering, start with the organization, then the location of that organization, the awards that we've won, and when we want it, and then it can end here or if you have some more information that you want to add.

I wouldn't mind you including one one line for additional details about maybe why you won the award or who granted the award how many other people were considered for the award. That would be fine. Let's say we've got a some sort of certification can plug in the exact same formatting To show the certificate that we have. And like I said, Maybe if it's required, this is something we want to highlight on its own in a certification section. totally up to you. Let's say we have some relevant technical skills that we want to highlight.

So for this job that we're working on, we have the marketing and communications requirements. So maybe they didn't ask for it directly in the job posting, but we know these are useful. These useful skills, software, software's that we should be comfortable with and other programs that we need to be able to use. So I like to just kind of highlight these and use the vertical line to just separate them. It's, it's nice, it's a bit of a different look. What's important here is that you're just hitting some key things that they're going to be looking for.

And we're saving a bit of space by just listing them as opposed to working them into full sentences or doing a full bulleted list that could take up a bit more space. And then finally, you know, if you have some other information and you have room to add it languages is always a nice thing I don't think people are generally going to turn down the opportunity to take on someone who needs who speaks different languages, if that's needed in an environment. And then I mentioned hobbies earlier, the rule of thumb is the hobby has to be either relevant to the job or, or just at least interesting and eye catching. So here's an example. Let's say you were, you know, a nationally ranked ranked darts player, for example, this might be something to include as a final bullet point, if you have space, I certainly wouldn't leave anything out in favor of adding this.

But it's just another thing that you can kind of include if if necessary,

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