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Hope this is making sense so far in terms of why we consistently failed diets. But also, while the essential Crux as to what needs to be in place for any diet to be successful in terms of well, you being able to see whether you can actually foresee yourself sticking to something for any decent length of time whatsoever, right? So we're gonna be looking at now is essentially another component as to why diets actually work at all. So if you think about those things that we just said before, understand that like every single diet under the sun, no matter what it is, basically needs to have obviously all will come under these things here, when it comes to actually what's going to ensure that you drop body fat, stay healthy, whatever it may be, it will have these things in place, just varying degrees of it. Okay?

Now, what I mean by that is basically For any diet to work, whether it be keto, whether it be something like paleo, whether it be something like Atkins, or it isn't the, the awkward sugar bandwagon, it might be vegan might be fasting. It might be clean eating, all of these things will work for you. Given that basically it puts you under what's known as a calorie deficit. This is essentially what is king which is why I've actually drawn a crown here, right? This is king when it comes to being able to actually lose body fat and give your body any reason to let go of stored energy as well. Do you know that right when it comes to body fat, what it actually is is stored energy.

So for you to give your body rates To let go of stored energy, you need to be taking in enough energy relevant to giving your body a valid reason to let go of it. A lot of us we get that balance wrong, we are the take in nowhere near enough energy, right? Or we take in way too much energy, irrespective of how healthy we might think our food choices are. And the bummer here is that for a lot of us well, because well educated is from that sort of point of view. Welcome to what happens in terms of what people actually then just vent their feelings and frustrations into food and binge eat, or why they just consistently diet up and never get anywhere, right? So society isn't educated around this right?

We don't actually know that it's a calorie deficit that we need. Or we hear the word calorie deficit and we think ah, I've heard Michelle bridgers or someone talk about 1200 calorie diets before and therefore 1200 calories must be the magic number. And therefore we go way too low with calories too quickly. And this is a huge pitfall that a lot of people fall under as well. So with when it comes to Yeah, what we've been speaking about here, what you don't understand is that for a lot of these sort of things here, right? If we look at keto, paleo, Atkins, whatever that sort of stuff, like, they've all got their varying degrees of rules and that sort of stuff.

And usually what happens is that for a lot of us who actually love food, or love, or love carbs, or whatever, these things here are definitely unsustainable. In other words, it's not really something that we can actually foresee ourselves sticking to for anything beyond four to six weeks. So therefore, it's not something that we can't create a lifestyle out of, and by lifestyle, I mean, like something that you actually enjoy sticking to long term here, right? That's technically what comes into here as well. If you can't create a lifestyle around it, well, then there's not going to be that pleasure and enjoyment. Makes sense.

Now, let's look at it from here continued into Like, if these are the things aren't being ticked off with an all you're really doing is you're just gonna be banned dating underlying problems via banned dating. I mean, like, there's nothing really there's no sort of like depth that's going on here in terms of solving any problems, right? You're kind of just at surface level based stuff. And nothing's actually really being sold. If you're not learning how calories actually worked in relation to what makes all diets successful. There's nothing magic about any of these.

All they do is they lead to a calorie deficit, right? That's all these do. And that's what makes any diet work, right, is that it puts you into a calorie deficit, or why we keep failing these diets is that we can maintain the level of restriction that comes with the calorie deficit in associated to the specific thing. So for example, clean eating usually that calorie deficit is created via consuming more Whole Foods and restricting Cutting out anything process. Intermittent fasting puts you into a calorie deficit via so for example, not eating into a 12 or two o'clock in the afternoon, and then finishing eating at eight o'clock so that way while you're eating in the smaller window of time, vegan is obviously cutting out any animal products to help credit a calorie deficit. I quit sugar and water clean eating so you're only eating whole foods, nothing processed, or anything that contains any refined sugars.

Atkins, similar to paleo, like it's just putting you into a higher fat sort of scenario, lower carbs. And then keto is pretty much cutting out carbs altogether and selling your soul to the devil. By Yeah, just going very, very low carbs, increasing fat protein, and then yeah, it puts you in a calorie deficit. So there's nothing magical about anything of these. It's just that they will put you into a deficit. And for a lot of us because we seem to believe in unicorns these days.

And by that I mean why we develop what's called unicorn syndrome. As if we were like, we know that this sort of stuff sounds too good to be true. Yeah, we keep pumping out dollars into these things. And even though we kind of cluing in it so that we know what we should be doing, we still seem to be lining our money on fire, because we've got got this unicorn syndrome going on in terms of Well, yeah, all the stuff that we're doing is just Peter Pan bs is just masking our problems and not actually teaching us anything. And we're not actually realizing that this journey will take some time and there's not gonna be sunshine lollipops and rainbows

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