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So here we are, we're into our part four. And they're really excited to be here in this specific section we're going to be hitting you with as many actionable steps as possible to be able to take some leaps and bounds forward into your getting a real grip and wraps around overcoming emotional eating. So we're gonna be doing here is you're going to be looking at essentially, what I what I believe to be the key, right, the key to really sort of sorting this out, and being able to really just have some good assets up your sleeve to be able to actually overcome and not just bandaid, this emotional binge eating issue that you have all that you're struggling with that you just want to get sorted. So I'm gonna be doing here's me drawing a key. Essentially, everything that stems from this key is stuff that you can be doing, it's gonna help you to get really good raps on this stuff, right?

Because you and I both know that we've seen in movies before We've seen in real life scenarios we'll go to like, yes, like colleges. So whenever they ask you how you feel about it, and in terms of like, your emotional eating issues and whatever, and, you know, they go oh, yeah, like, I can tell that like the childhood you had like a rough upbringing and therefore that's why you stay. Yeah. Very feelings into food and yeah, etc. And they really sort of allow you to play the victim card and that sort of stuff. And, and yeah, that's all cool.

Like, I'm all for identifying and reflecting on the past and whatever, but like, understand that it's like your, your, your past doesn't define you. Right? Yes, your past you can learn some things from and that sort of thing, right? But the thing is, is that like, all you have is now right. All you have is now Like anything you did in the past, right you can learn from you can reflect on and you can be growing and moving forward knowing that your choices and actions that you take moving forward are what are going to define who you are, as you grow and overcome anything that's gotten you to this point, right? Meaning that the best is yet to come.

Or you could be the sort of person who just really chooses not to have gone and therefore your last cause, right, the power or the choice is yours. Now in terms of keys to ending emotional eating, right, we're going to be going through some various strategies here. The first one we're going to kick off with is basically the 8020 rule. And this is like a concept that falls under what we're talking about in the past lesson on this whole park lesson with understanding moderation, right. moderation is obviously a big part of what should come into play when you're focusing on calories and not trying to be 100% hashtag claim, but rather having an A 20 approach. And what I mean by this right is by actually giving yourself a daily hashtag junk food budget.

Because what this will essentially allow you to do is, like, I'll give you an example. Something that I actually get my clients to do that I'm working with one to one is that we use food tracking apps like My Fitness Pal to give the person always a conscious awareness as to what foods they're eating. So it's like as you're making decisions to eat the food you are during the day or you're pre planning through decisions or whatever, like you're consciously tracking the food choices that you're making for multitude of reasons, but one of the biggest ones so that you can know how much calories are in something and the micronutrients in it, and how it sits in relation to the overall amount of calories that you're actually supposed to be. Right now, when you actually give yourself a jump through budget. what that actually means is that say for example, that your intake of calories 2000 calories, fat loss, which, obviously everyone's different in terms of amount of calories that they need, and there's various factors that will make up how many calories that you need, right?

Let's say that 2000 your intake. So if you have an 8020 or junk food budgets and I arrived what that would essentially mean is that 20% calories, and that's it and I would be 400 you've got 400 calories daily, and you can be literally utilizing chocolate. Like for whatever you want. Meaning that that 1600 is what you would probably dedicate to like a piece of broccoli in the fridge. He likes broccoli and like an apple so If you can imagine, like in that sort of scenario, if you know, every day, you've got 400 calories that you can utilize for whatever you want. It's just like a really exciting because that's 400 calories, right?

Peanut Butter Cups, right? Three of them 130 calories. So therefore you do the math there, you could have 132 6390 you could have nine peanut butter cups every single night or every single day if you wanted to, without sabotaging your progress at all, because your overall 2000 calories. Right? So that means that let's say for example, if you have a novelty towards towards chocolate or whatever, right, then I would actually get to do if you were my client right is I would actually get you to pre plan into My Fitness Pal. Basically 400 calories worth of natella every day, every day until it gets to the point where you're kind of just like, you know what I actually feel like having until today.

And then we rinse and repeat that with any other trigger foods that you might have until it gets to a stage where nothing has novelty anymore. Yes, you love all these different foods but it's like the idea of being able to have something where it doesn't have novelty, you just respect enjoyment. It's a very good skill to have and and the strategy of having a junk food budget is something it's going to be a huge asset towards being able to help you to have Yeah, like a great tool to overcome emotional eating. This is something that was a massive success for me. Given that I used to be someone who would like as soon as I sniff natella would easily put away a whole jar right or it's in Look to the top of ice cream on our neck the whole top right. Whereas now what I do is I have dessert every day because I have a great sweet tooth.

I love the sensation of eating sweet through just as much as I do salads and anything else, right? But every single night, I will usually have 20 sometimes even 30%, right? Maybe sometimes 10% But either way, I'll always have a portion of my calories dedicated to hashtag junk food. So that way it means I can keep food like peanut butter cups, and you know, like even down here, like, like a one kg bag of Smarties right? Like I can keep stuff in the house easy knowing that because it's like as I said before we we try we will design what we tell ourselves. To keep that in mind.

It's very important and the junk food budget can be a massive asset to your emotional eating overcoming scenario.

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