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Watch this to learn the game plan of what's in store for you with this course, as well as some background insight into me and my experience with binge/emotional eating!


What is going on legend mines Angus fibbin a massive Welcome to this course I'm really excited that you're here. And more specifically in terms of just excited for the knowledge again that you're going to be making throughout these different course lessons as we cover together and unpackage How you going to be able to understand and identify the true root causes of emotional and binge eating in relation to fat loss and just you learning to be a love how you look and feel to know about to teach you now understand this this at the same time someone who has basically had a massive history when it comes to binge eating and stuff in the past. Or if you're not familiar with me or if you haven't followed any of my work. I've been in the health and fitness game since 2011 coaching men and women across Australia and internationally how to deal with the best possible relationship with food losing body fat, and just becoming lean and mean tight tones strong and whatever.

Best individuals are themselves through my method. The fundamentals that I've used to transform my body also, I used to be very overweight. In the past, I used to be roughly between 120 to 130 kgs at my heaviest and emotional eater, someone who would basically diet hop and utilize all sorts of different diets and stuff like that. All the sudden the person who would basically be starting a diet in the morning, or starting a new product, whatever it may be in the morning, and then come, you know, nighttime, once a full day of work is finished at whatever I would bury my face and bury my fields and tubs of natella tubs of ice cream, cool bag of chips just here the fields raw, just emotionally eating and just pouring your heart and soul into that food and then feeling just fat and gross and disgusting afterwards and hiding yourself.

Well that was me on how I used to be. And yeah, now I'm over here on the other side. I'm someone who now loves food, but you've got obviously a great On so on. Now, you're competing bodybuilding competition does photoshoots in person, and I've got an amazing relationship with gonna teach you how to be the same. So when these coming lessons get excited when you're breaking things down for you, we're going to be going going over quite a wide range of stuff. So strap yourself in, get ready for some epic learning.

And obviously, if you love this course and you Yeah, just get some value from it, especially with the lessons that we're going to be going through as well. Make sure to leave a positive review and I'd love to have some engagement with you as well. So feel free to ask any questions if stuff doesn't make sense. And make sure to stay tuned for future courses as well while I'll be going into further depth in terms of other parameters of what's going to help you to master your relationship. Third, build an amazing body and just become part of the two to three people out of 10 who really truly learn to master this sort of stuff and then most of themselves free from the health and fitness in the dieting industry all together. So let's get into it.

My friend thanks for stopping by. And welcome to the overcoming binge eating without dieting course by myself Angus burger. Let's get stuck into it.

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