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Now this next phase of the cycle is where we start to feel. I'm gonna put in here we start to feel guilt we start to feel guilt, we start to feel basically a whole range of emotions and fields and as you can imagine, they're not going to be to crash hard you're not going to know more often than not, you're not going to applaud yourself for stuffing up and falling off plan again. So usually what happens here is that we start to have some negative self talk we start to have that negative self talk we beat ourselves up. And and like and by this if you kind of want to remain it's like it's kind of like what you said. He's like, are you done again? Like Come on, like how did you Not how did you not see that coming?

How How How could you let yourself do this? Why did you do this like you know that you don't feel good when you smash a pack of biscuits you know that you don't feel good when you just keep eating when you're on the ball like that that native so totally beat ourselves up. Usually what will happen here is that we self isolate as well. So in other words like we will more than likely not go to any social shindigs. We're not gonna take any photos of ourself or stuff that I set aside from my partner or friends. There's usually quite a lot of pity, slash more excessive eating because well, obviously when we're in that negative headspace, right, we want to why we kind of just, yeah, we're not going to go and bury our feelings into eating, eating like a celery.

Are we right and like we're gonna bury our feelings into more of that domain, based food and Usually what happens there is that when we get to this level, what's actually going to happen now is that we're going to actually feel, let's put this on here we go, we're going to start to feel kind of like a new level of self pity, which is kind of like ashamed. Or depending on how many times you've gone through this actual cycle, you might actually start to feel depressed. I'm someone who personally believes that depression, right? It's a real thing. Absolutely. But it's something that doesn't define who you are like, it's not something that's ever permanently slept on.

It's something that you can choose to feel right. In other words, although he would just go on depressed right time or night night, you're choosing to feel depressed, right? But anyway, so usually what happens is that when we get to this level of the cycle, we are either feeling depressed and we hate ourselves and You know, this is what people get into real sort of like, they can get into some really extreme stuff, or potentially just do one of two things. You can be the sort of person who feels so ashamed in the press that you quit altogether. And you write yourself off as the last cause, and basically just pay on yourself and your goals. And yeah, see yourself as if you're a lost cause and that it's just not possible and you're destined to be an emotional eater forever, and you never get to the body that you want.

Or what happened is that you are just so depressed and angry yourself that you can't bear to kind of just stay as you are any longer run so I can't handle just staying where you are the pain and just the fields and whatever you decide not to give it another shot. So basically what happens then is you start YouTubing or just like Searching and basically scrolling or whatever it may be for the next thing, right? And you basically toss up your options. Or just like compare based on the things that you can find in terms of whatever this new diet is, maybe it's oxy shred. Maybe it's like smash the binds thing. Maybe it's like just whatever, right?

You're tossing it up, you're comparing and you are trying to find the next answer to your problems, right? Answer the problems. And then obviously, what happens is that once you've found something that potentially sounds like it's gonna be a knight in shining armor, well, then obviously, you kick off the restriction again, and we're back on the wagon, like decent amount. So it's like you've created a cycle for yourself When this is the case, right? And for a lot of us who don't even really realize that, the longer that this goes On all the more times that you've written it in terms of this cycle, the harder it is to break free from it. And for a lot of us, basically what happens is they ends up becoming a scenario of like the pushing up your scenario, right?

So you can imagine Someone's here, right? They've got their ball, right? So basically, as you can imagine, with a mouse, Ryan like because of its angle, and velocity and density and stuff like that, like it's gonna naturally be easier to, to push here than it is to be pushing here. And obviously, what happens is that the more times that you've tried to push up this ball off the mountain and stuff off, well, then what's going to happen is that ball is going to gradually become bigger each time, meaning it will get to a stage where this ball is so big, that you're not even going to be able to get past like this initial start stage right? This is where the Like the situation is like for a lot of the clients I've actually worked with where the ball is so big that it's like, we've had to do a lot of restoration work to get themselves in a position where they're gonna have any chance to be able to even get back on the wagon to be able to start creating success for right.

So the thing is here is that like, this is why this journey has such a very high, quick ride, right? It's simply because Well, a lot of people just get that full so big that they simply just get them moving anymore. And they thought it was gonna be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows and gutting in Cambodia was going to solve all their problems so that unicorn water was going to help to boost their metabolism or insert whatever thing it is that they're just joined or signed up for. Right? They thought there was going to be the answer to their problems but because the internal roots causes problems and just missing education wasn't actually looked up. This is what so many people, and why many people I mean, like eight or so people understand are going to fail this journey, because these things aren't taught.

And yet, like, unfortunately, it's just the case that it is. So um, yeah, this is a very real thing. This restricts Ico and I hope that this is brought to attention aware of just how the cycle works, that yes, it's a cycle but yes, it actually can be broken. So I'll see you in the next lesson. We're going to break down some more stuff to help you understand the depth as to how emotional eating works and how we're going to be helping you to overcome this without die.

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