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An interesting interesting thing here to note is that what people don't realize is that this game, this game of overcoming binge eating this game of getting lean, this game of losing fat is not something that is going to be linear, right? It is something that is going to have bumps and you're going to have some little plateaus and stuff like that. Right? And it's important to understand that with, with knowing these things that we've just spoken about over here, right? It's actually not really too hard to be able to tweak and refine what you're actually doing to be able to overcome the process of what is actually called adaptive thermogenesis. Now what that basically means, right is that your body is a smart cookie.

So let's draw like a little Harry Potter nerd thing going on. Report We go Harry Potter, your body is very smart, right? So it's like it doesn't care about your goals to lose fat and to get healthy and that sort of thing. All it cares about is adaptive thermogenesis. And essentially, what that means is you're staying in a state of everything that's being so your body holding on to fat. And it just basically keeping you sort of just in case anything were to happen.

And the reason why this is the case is because well, we do with these genetics. And we have processes in place from just you know, Palaeolithic times in terms of where you think about our Palio brothers and stuff like that. They would go through phases of feast or famine or whatever relevant to the season and what's going on and therefore Well, obviously in the seasons of feast, they would eat a lot and stock up for winter and gain some fat but then it's balanced, where there is no food available. Whatever the body can use is stored fat because it knows that it's going legitimate, you know, season a famine. tortoise is how boys do things that that sort of stuff is still going on. Even though if you look at the 21st century now with things like Uber Eats, etc, so we can get through whenever we want, right?

But anyway, when it comes to this, understand that the cool thing is is that when you know these things properly, you can be tweaking calories, you can be tweaking your macros you can be tweaking water, you can be tweaking activity. You can be tweaking twice, quite a tongue twister, tweaking, quite tweaking quite a lot of things to be able to overcome this process of adaptive thermogenesis and keep your fat loss consistent moving forward and there's no reason why you can't be losing anywhere between point five to 1% of body fat a week with now in these foods effectively. Alright. I want you to jump into here is that when you are someone who has dominated this game of quality in terms of controlling How you feel? And I would say quality controlling how you feel and then quantity controlling how you run it again, Angus you Silly Billy, controlling how you look right?

What this means here is that when you've got that healthy balance going on there, well then in my personal opinion, what you've actually dominated, it's you've achieved what many won't be able to achieve and that's having true health. Because it's all well and good for you to be someone who you know, say for example, has this side of the field, the left field we'll call it but then if you've got no concept over quantity and calories and macronutrients and out them or dynamics works and raw was truly love yourself, and you're going to be in a position where you could still be overweight, right? And what you don't understand is that this is something I touched on just before right is that there's no such thing as good or bad, who know this is something that took me a while While to actually learn, like, in terms of like, I said that in my good old days, I used to be someone who was a binge eater and had a very big to restrict relationship with food or whatever.

It's important that until you understand this, but you will probably struggle to develop any consistency with the stuff that I've just shared. Now, yes, there is like, from a science point of view and an evidence based approach. I understand that a calorie is always a calorie but obviously there's different things that like in terms of the source that will determine say, like the satiety effect in terms of how good it's gonna make you feel comedian mean that 100 calories of broccoli is gonna make you feel different to 100 calories of chocolate. So there's not really such a good is such a thing as good or bad foods. What more so exists is that there is such a thing as good and bad quantities right in terms of diet context. Right.

Meaning that like, this is why you can see vegans who are fat, right? I've met many vegans who are fat and it will carry excess fat tissue despite the fact that they a lot of fruits and vegetables and plant based sources and doing it any made right. I've also met many, you know clean eaters who binge in or whatever excessively. So it's like every single different tag in terms of the type of person like vegans have their own food views, clean eaters have their own food views. You know, bodybuilders have their own food, who's always people have got their own food views, right? And that's totally fine.

But it's important to understand that what's going to allow you to control how you look how you feel, how you function as a person is taking on board this right here as your truth. Because the thing is, is that like you can slap yourself on with any one of these different identities right? But if you're boxing yourself in rigidity into rules and stuff like that you cannot serve. The reason being is because well, you're not getting these views. So you know, we're not getting these things that we spoke about here before. Remember what I said, if you try and box yourself into rules and rigidity, right, you're not going to function well as a human, you will get bored, you're gonna find it hard to stick to anything.

And therefore none of this stuff will actually work and be effective for you. Right, you're going to struggle hard. And what will happen is that essentially, you start to pray. Right? Especially when you're in an emotional headspace. You will pray, what you tell yourself.

And what that usually will look like. is basically you will tell you, though, You can't have, you will cry when you tell yourself you can't have worse things that you tell yourself, you can't have negative icon, stuff like that. Well, obviously they taste nice, right? They bring you pleasure and therefore, because you're not getting pleasure from your scenario, well, national web stuff that you see bad, has a tremendous novelty and domain associated to it, and therefore you get pleasure from it. And yet, you're just gonna pop yourself into this scenario of this happening, right? Obviously, this has been quite eye opening for you.

These are the lessons so far. So if you have any questions around this specific lesson, drop a question. Otherwise, I'll see you in the next one. And this is really going to go into some, some actual things you should be doing, to be taking serious steps forward to overcoming emotionally

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