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Now what you can actually be also doing is if you can remember from all and lots of old school movies and whenever you'd be saying like things like Dear diary and whenever I sort of mean by that is you can be doing this either in the aim you can be doing it before you go to bed alongside things like meditation and deep breathing to help slow you down and just to get good at reflecting on just acknowledging how you feel about things, how certain foods and making you feel. You know, like, just the power of journaling is awesome because it allows you to just be able to stay centered, it allows you to be able to stay focused and allow allows you to never feel like you're just kind of going through the motions of life and to really just feel in a headspace of you've got purpose rather than things that you're doing.

Because this is something I get my clients to do as well as like you can be in like journaling can be a lot of different things. It can be even just trying to focus specifically on journaling, and think you're grateful for what you love about yourself, it can be just rotting out really how your whole day when and when you choose not to do stuff. So you've got something to look back on it reflects so that you can see progress and identify how you're really moving forward in terms of building a rock solid relationship with food. And just yet really sort of feeling like you're making progress. And having that extra, the source we're looking at in terms of knowing how you're born and what your Achilles heels are, right? Now, another thing that you need to be wary of in terms of a great key, right is being okay.

Being Okay, with not having control all the time. Always you're you're gonna be eating meals from time to time that haven't been made by you. So you're not gonna be tracking calories perfectly all the time. You're going to be inside with your social eating and where you're not going to know what the menu is going to be. ahead of time, like you're gonna find yourself in all sorts of random scenarios, it's important to know that part of just being human is that there's no such thing as being perfect, right? Like no one's perfect like and this is why we keep getting stuck into things like self comparison is the thief of joy is I believe it today.

And you know, if you find yourself getting stuck to those other things so we can develop OCD so we can develop anxiety and turn yourself into someone who just worried about everything all the time. Around that just ends up eating food to basically control your feelings. Because understand that life is a series of events. It's a beautiful thing to realize that, like you need to be to credit the progress that you want, it's going to create Tom and progression is gonna be like, a scenario where like, every single day is an opportunity to create a step by every step is gonna involve probably some sort of learning and some sort of like some sort of learning and stretch point to the lighting and stress point when. And what that means is that you're going to have to be okay with your comfort zone expanding as you actually grow and develop as a person, because if this sort of game was easy, everyone would be master and would have an awesome relationship with food and be killing it.

Alright. And last, but not least, it's important to understand and I guess, identify, like what your personality is. Know that you're someone who has a whole range of different ones that I'll probably get go into more depth into this course. For a macro point of view, it's kind of like if you know that you're someone who doesn't enjoy eating regular small meals throughout the day, and you might prefer having two to three very big meals to meet your calories, your macros and stuff like that point in making things unnecessarily hard by trying to stick to a meal plan or a structure that has multiple small meals, and vice versa. Or you might be someone who doesn't enjoy snacking. But as opposed to snacking, sort of so it's about working within your personality.

It's like knowing sort of what stuff you enjoy knowing what sizing stuff you enjoy will present as you enjoy. I mean, this is a beautiful thing is I want to know what you enjoy in your food personality. You can learn how to put yourself into scenarios that allow you to indulge that quite easily and therefore always feel at peace and joy with the scenario that you're in and therefore basically not stressed Get that down wrapped to the, to the tape in terms of well, all of these things within you essentially have the master case it's gonna help you to unlock. Yeah. Oh, no longer being held by the Bourne chain in this industry emotional eating. And we have to change that because we all know those fields are locked right now as you would have seen from this course so far we've gone through a lot we've gone through all the different diagrams on how to draw diagrams, I believe that it's an awesome way to educate and inspire Next up are that you've enjoyed these lessons so far in terms of this overall course, please, what I encourage you to do in terms of just ensuring that the knowledge that you've listened to leave actually watched make sense, what I'd encourage you to do is to potentially revisit some of these lessons to make sure that all seems to be taking notes if possible.

And if you have any questions around the stuff that you've actually learned or you'd like to keep the conversation going with me just press the questions button and just drop something and please if you'd love to connect with me personally and share some more in my journey in social media or any other channels person hesitate to get in touch her and if you came to see as my coaching is a good fit for you. I like this stuff. A lot of people want to one dominate the journey. And yeah, stick around and I'll see you in one of my future courses. Thank you so much for watching, and I really hope this course was a value to the next time

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