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So we covered the junk food budget and really from a macro point of view, and the biggest reasons why we have junk food budgets is so that you don't have to have or muck around with things like cheat days and things like that, or cheat days or cheat meals. Anything that kind of relates to that, because you and I both and that when it comes to having cheat days cheat meals or whatever they usually turn into all out y'all are fixes where we're just like we get a fix on everything that we have a bit out of it because we've just been, you know, so good sticking to our plan for anything beyond a few days or a week right like I was sometimes I would have you know where I'd like to have one cheat meal and it would turn into a cheat weekend or just like just turning into a food zombie and eating all the foods.

And yeah, going to bed kind of was like crying myself to sleep feeling so sick and ashamed what I've just done. But yeah, the reason why we have those junk food budgets is that we don't have to actually Well, cuz typically two days, right, who is bingeing, you're on the stuff that they have been abstaining from from so long. Whereas it's like when we do this junk food budget scenario, it's like every day, you're kind of having, like small amounts of those cheap foods, if you will, and hitting your targets. So this next, next aspect we're looking at here, in terms of a great key to be able to have up your scenario is to develop personal rules, right? rules around just who you are as a person, right? And, and kind of like yet who you are as a person, if you will, right.

We'll look at it from that sort of point of view. Because the thing is, is that having this in place will allow you to be able to exceed and go beyond the parameters of hashtag motivation. Or even things like willpower, right, which is something that is finite, you don't have limited amounts of willpower, but if you have rules in terms of what helps to form your identity, right This is something where it's like they're going to be so bulletproof within you that yeah, it's going to help to form you as a rock solid person. So an example of some rules might actually be like, rules or rules are sort of similar ish to your to your self talk, right? Like, let's say for example, you're in a scenario where it's like, you go to Woolies, right and all my Ben and Jerry's is on special right and only Ben and Jerry's here in Australia is about $10 Australian the top right sometimes even $12 or above.

So it's like oh, wow, oh, my Ben Jerry's isn't special. Let's get amongst it. And yeah, it comes to nighttime is just like right, my fitness power I've put in that I'm only gonna have 80 grams. Then your previous negative self talk kicks in and you're self taught my beard something like Ah, thanks for like, you know, that even though you've tracked 80 grams of Ben and Jerry's that you're going to eat the rest of the tub, off. But the thing is, is that if you've got some positive self talk to us about you, your your, your self talk and kind of avatar, your positive self talk can easily counteract that negative self talk where it's like, you know, hey, like in Hercules where you've got like, the good and the bad version of yourself sort of the good version of yourself in terms of your self taught would be like, you know, afterwards you feel like crap and regret the choice of eating all the top after, what's more important to you why what's more important is healthier toward your goals, or having some short term validation and excitement, like whereas when you've got rules in place, some examples of rules you could have would be things like, I just snack, once I finish tracking for the day, I stop eating and I brush my teeth.

On those rules could be like I drink water with every meal non negotiable, or before I before I even touch food in the morning. I'm gonna drink some water without started. Or you could be, I don't start eating into 12pm. Or your rules being like, I don't drink alcohol. Or your rule could be anything, it's fraud, or anything it's as processed, or I could be, I ate fruits, vegetables with every meal. Or it could be I feel like he should have made and when you have these rules in place, if I were you, I'd make three rules that are super relevant to you that will serve you through the next step, for example, for six months, and then once that period of time has passed, reflect on how those rules have served you for that period of time funds that will serve you into whatever the season of life that you're going into next is going to involve because obviously we evolve consistently as humans, right.

Therefore, it means that we need to make sure That our rules are always serving us. Right? And that we have positive self talk to go with it as well. You can even have like, if you don't want to see it as rules, you want to rephrase the language that you use. You could change it in terms of having different affirmations. Right?

So an affirmation is basically something that you say to yourself that you are, that comes up to the word I am so you affirmation, you just be like, I'm help. So in the situation of where your identity is tested, or you find yourself in a stressful situation where you would typically be doing something or whatever you decide, no, I am help. And your cue from that is that whenever you say that to yourself, that it just stops you in your tracks like you have that three seconds if you will, to be able to just counteract and stop your fields from running the show. Because pretty much To be honest, like 95% of the time. Your subconscious mind fields run the show. So it's important to know that you do have control To be able to stay in the forefront control of your headspace all the time, it's just a means of how well you know how to take control of your subconscious.

And the way to do that is by in the face of any situation scenario is just count backwards 331 and say an affirmation or, like, just abide by one of your rules and just move forward. Because the thing is here is that you will find yourself in tricky situations. Quite often given the fact that while we don't live out the same day, day in day out, do we, at least most of us know. Like, yeah, we've got work and stuff like that. But this isn't something where you want to do your results and success of living the same day, day in, day out. So other words, embrace problems and embrace these changes, embrace fucking different days and whatever.

Like it's important to know that you are someone who has the ability to control your progress, irrespective of a scenario you find yourself in. Alright, now next up, what we're gonna be looking at is Just being someone who is aware of getting out of board. So for example, like for a lot of us, Netflix In short, we finished up the big day. We just want to see, we just want to sit down and put a fade out. We want to chillax. We want to just recline and just zone out.

For a lot of us well, we can easily just seep into eating out of boredom then Ryan, we scroll through our phone and we without the old Facebook and we see what's what and we just kind of like you enter into zombie mode, right? So it's important if all we do is to have either like wholesome snacks that have been crate made, or your meals pre made or whatever, for handling those, those chill out slash boredom moments, so that way, you don't end up yoloing in those boardrooms to the children I can still hear your targeting and still be consistent while having that on that pleasure that comes with time because I love that time as much as the noise that one of my favorite things to do outside of work and go to the gym or whatever is just watching quality movies and TV sees and get lucky can be a really good time to just unwind and that sort of thing.

But for a lot of us we can quite easily mindlessly we're not careful. So it's important to know that he's got those strategies in place when it comes to just preventing boredom based eating and not just baring your appetite into just carbs and fats basically. Now, what's also really important to know is that if you like you need to have something that's going to enable you to be able to to vent or to control stress because for a lot of us, like If we don't have a source or platform or something to be sent into poor or express out stress for a lot of us, we will then usually seek food as a way to be able to handle that. And to be honest, it's actually quite a few ways that you can be able to control stress, right? going to the gym to lift weights, going for a run.

Going to like a massage, or having a friend that you can bring up. You should be doing yoga. Doing like an activity that you enjoy or going for a walk. You can just be you can even go shopping, right and not shopping. Shopping for stuff it's gonna make you smile and love yourself, right? Like you want to have a go I'd like to get trade purely wanting to, like, get like a boxing bag or something like that.

Because it's like, if you are holding on to top stress, what's going to happen is that cortisol levels will rise. And when cortisol levels rise, your body actually internally thinks that there's a threat. It thinks that like, you know, as the warning bells are going off, that it's gonna die or that something's gonna happen. And therefore, when this goes on, welcome to the fluctuation in hormones that actually takes place in effect, and for a lot of us will we just really want to do for me fix the leak and not feel anxious and actually feel like we're in control. And therefore what happens is that while we went into food, which isn't something that I want you to be doing anymore, right, so in other words, we need to actually be getting two hoots about stress management because if you're not managing your stress and keeping a hold and wraps on the cortisol and stuff like that, there's gonna be a huge negative impact upon your ability to make progress and develop any chance of being able to Yeah really shouldn't dial in with owning this whole emotional eating scenario.

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