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So I hope you enjoyed learning the crux, essentially in our previous lesson together in terms of what causes society to consistently fail diet, but then also the crux as to what actually compromises any diet to work in general. Because now that you know, that will we can actually start to break down here now is essentially, well, what causes us to fall into the binge and restrict cycle which we'll be breaking down for you now. So this has basically four phases to it. Alright. And what we're going to do is we're going to break down each of them and help you to identify basically where you might fall short yourself. And, you know, like the other pinpoint I guess, where your patterns are in terms of how long you last in the dining scenario, and you just unpackage it to really help you to gain awareness and then what you can be doing to actually be able to stop the cycles from happening.

So basically, we'll kick off with our With the first bit here, and essentially what this first bit is, is what we're going to call the restricts. First part. So essentially, what the restrict part is, is basically where you you're kicking off either some sort of new restriction, or it might just be like a new product or a new. It's it's basically just like, essentially, you're jumping into a new form of deficit essentially, right? Because if you remember back to our last lesson we're talking about essentially, with when it comes to any diet for it to be successful, you need to be in a calorie deficit, right? So essentially, what you're doing here is you're kicking off some new form of restriction.

So usually what happens is that you, you're all in with something right. So it Would you've probably done some sort of YouTubing or whatever, or some sort of googling and you saw something and sounds awesome and that you think is gonna be, you know, different total all the other diets you've done and whatever it's like, yeah, makes sense. Awesome. I'm all in. Usually, it's something we'll kick it off on a Monday or tomorrow, rather than on the day, because that way, it means that you can maximize the current storm and feel whatever of the day, right, it makes sense to push it back that extra rim wall and start it tomorrow. Right.

And, yeah, essentially, what happens here is that it's usually something that is fairly restricted based, or short term. So on by short term mean anything that's less than a week, right, I tend to be the Commissar, I tend to find is the max that someone's gonna be able to stick to something for, and this is why you'll find a lot of these challenges and Similar things actually go through that sort of rough period of time. Because well, market is number one, a lot of that know that people like sticking to short term little, all in base things in terms of getting back on the wagon, right and so forth here, all in back on the wagon. I'm so sick back on. And then what basically happens here is that so we're in this form of restrict, right where we're applying ourselves. But then what happens is that well, we have some sort of thing that causes we'll put in here, so we're gonna put this as a binge, or YOLO episode.

Now, more often than not, what will usually happen here is that the reason why that gets to us is true or not. So here we go. And we'll put this into read so that way, it's just easy to understand. Now what usually happens so we've kicked off on a good note, right? Like we think that we've got all bases covered like where we focus, we've got a meal plan, we've got a diet, we've got a supplement, whatever it may be, and we're excited to slay the game. But then what happens right is that something either triggers us right?

Or yeah basically triggers a pattern that we've created via our and negative relationship with with that we've already got built up to this stage or something usually triggers if I find right, and then because we have nor off switch so in other words, there's not like a healthy medium we've used the kind of golf ball in or all out there's not kind of like, you know, and fire a healthy medium. An example this might be where it's like, let's say that you want to have just like a tablet sort of natella run. If you've got a healthy relationship with food, you wouldn't be able to keep not tell her in your house, you'd be able to have that type of food or not. Tell up and then you would be able to put it. Yeah, basically just be able to put the actual job not tell her back into the cupboard.

And, you know, hard feelings, right? But if someone doesn't have an off switch, well, they wouldn't be able to do that. It's just like you either bury your face and not tell her and consume most of the job, or you just can't keep her in the household together. You see what I mean? So basically, what happens is that something triggers you to basically discover, and that might be something like, you know, something, throwing your routine out of whack or, like you forgot one of your pre made meals that you were going to bring to work with you. And you're just like our like, dude, like, I don't have to stick to my plan like, and it's just like you feel lost with what you've lost some sort of control or anxiety kicks in order or maybe, and then you get triggered, right?

And then what happens is that because there's no off switch, you enter into the thinking that is may as well I guess you can call it to like may as well eat more. Or kind of like the thinking that is already blown up. So kind of like write that down. Yeah, kind of like right off the day as a loss. And depending on what day it is that then when we can either push it back to Monday to kind of keep going or for a lot of us what usually happens here as well we kind of put it into all our write off, rather than just like, Oh, I had a biscuit when I shouldn't have, okay, let's just eat my main meal. Yeah, that I've got coming up and just continue on life.

A lot of us we don't have that immediate, and therefore because we don't have that, then when we get into this actual next phase of the cycle, which is actually known as

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