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So legend you're doing really well. So far, congrats for making it to this stage in the actual course itself. Now we're going to be talking about in this lesson is essentially the pinnacle of health and what's going to help you to really be the sort of person who can control how they look, how they feel, and how they function. And this is understanding the difference between moderation and flexibility, as opposed to deprivation and restriction in terms of conventional societies methods. We're going to be going back to a Venn diagram situation again. But this time, rather than having three circles, like you've seen this and other ones, I've only got two in this one.

All right. So this one over here represents essentially ours, this one here, this one here represents what a lot of people are good at, right? And that is that they've got a decent rap to an extent, as to basically understand Standing food quality. And what I mean by food quality is you basically knowing how to make food work for you from a point of view. That is what makes you feel good, right? What makes you to be able to perform well and have great vitality and stuff like that, right?

So we'll put here. So quality is what's gonna be used to be able to feel good. It's gonna enable you to be able to have great vitality. And it's going to enable you to be able to have energy and to form All right, whoops. And then to be able to perform. This is all stuff that we obviously all care about.

And it's stuff that and I was up to it. I have a great quality of life, to be able to live long to be able to prosper and is to be able to have good years about us. And what's the country To that you might well ask things like understanding how to make micronutrients work for you. micronutrients, fiber and then we've got things over here, like your vitamins and minerals. And we've got here we've got water and over here we've got supplements. Alright, let's break this down.

Now when I say micronutrients are referred to basically like when you've got vitamins and minerals, you've got to break down below that which is essentially what help is to ensure that your cells are basically getting in enough micro nutrition to be able to support all your bodily functions. To be able to keep you regular, and to ensure that you don't get cancer or any lifestyle related diseases and that sort of thing. Fiber refers to basically you getting enough plants ensure that you're getting enough for the games, basically just fruits and vegetables. For a lot of us, there's a quite a big gap in terms of consumption of these things, and we're quite low in fiber. And the big data here is that well that means that your body is unable to do a lot of the things that are supposed to it means that you have a greater chance and risk of getting potential lifestyle related diseases and also you're not going to feel to crash Hot Rod.

So essentially, like when you when you hear words like Whole Foods and natural sort of like label on on that sort of thing. Typically these things will be quite high in fiber and having whole grains and stuff like that. And if you can remember back to the food pyramid School where it's just got the different levels and stuff like that. Like, it's kind of like making sure that down here the bulk of what's filling up here is things like fruits and vegetables and legumes and fibrous plant foods. And if you're a young lady tuning into this you should be getting in about four to 600 grams of plants a day. And if you're a god shooting into this video between 600 to 800 grams of overall plants in the game today, this is a huge gap to science and it because we were quite convenient space in our day and age in the 21st century, and because of that, yeah, well we lack this big sort of component as to our relationship with food.

And then obviously things like you know, meats, and then up here we've got, you know, grains and dairy and stuff. So it's like it's a pyramid, right. Bottom, it's a minerals, obviously something that will come into play. This is when you use things like various Herbes and other like micro things like other stuff, you can Yeah, chemists warehouse so supplements, but understand on the word of supplements like a lot of things that you see a supplement you don't need because that has because they've got a lot of fillers or they see a lot of proprietary stuff, right that it's just such small dosage of things that you don't need that's labeled with cool words like skinny or let's say for example, shred or burn, make it enticing and make you want to buy it right. Understand in your real supplements that you could benefit from are potentially like a white protein concentrate, or like a plant based alternative to to getting enough protein, maybe some creatine and maybe like some fish oil, maybe some magnesium.

And depending on what age you are, and the context of your goals will determine if you need anything more than that. That's why Pretty much a when it comes to supplements like a lot of them are just a big basic like literally sitting in money on fire type scenario talking like Peter Pan base stuff like, yeah, very tough stuff that is a real and isn't necessary when it comes to water for a lot of us that, you know, in today's day and age, we're actually quite quite water deprived and when you're hydrated and so when you're dehydrated, it's gonna make it hard in your body to be able to transport the nutrients from the food that you're eating into your you know, muscles and tissue and organs and stuff like that. And therefore this is where people can actually develop kidney disease, heart failure, and make the job really hard for your organs.

Right. So essentially, quality is like when someone says that they go to eating healthy, right? This is essentially what that means. It means that you're good at being able to control the quality of the food that you're eating. Right. And if me personally like I think this is a really good thing to be Starting to focus on so if you're fresh to the game entirely when it comes to the whole body transformation thing, whatever.

And you know that you're not very experienced with any of these sort of things I've expressed here, well focus on that. And now in this next lesson, we're gonna be focusing on this circle over here.

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