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So welcome to lesson one of this course, what we're going to be going through first is understanding why we as a society consistently fail diets. So we're going to be doing in terms of helping you to really take in this knowledge, well, I'm going to be utilizing my iPad. And I'm going to be utilizing various diagrams and stuff like that. But I'm drawing to try and make this as original as possible, but also as relatable and as easy to soak up the knowledge as possible, and exciting as possible, rather than me just blurring out some random words or creating a boring PowerPoint presentation or stuff like that, which we all know just reminds us of grade six, you know, science or English class or whatever, right? I want this to be valuable, entertaining and exciting for you as you learn everything that's in my head to help you to master this sort of stuff.

All right. So we're going to be doing in terms of our first diagram, right, let me just pull up my drawing tools here. What we're looking at first is essentially Yeah, what We'll help you to understand what forms are successful. Hashtag diet. Alright. So that way you can basically see in a Venn diagram situation, what's going to help you to form this sweet spot.

So for this, we're going to need three, circles to three. And obviously, if you think back to school or whatever, right? Well, what's basically the holy grail is this spot right in the middle here, right? This is what we want. And this is what's missing from so many dots that people put themselves through in favor of trying to get laid. So what we're gonna do is we're going to look at circle by circle what this entails.

And the first one being one of the big things that's lacking in basically really pretty much any diet that I've ever seen when it comes to someone that's trying to go beyond just being healthy and wanting to take better control over their aesthetics and that is variety, variety in terms Well, for a lot of us, what happens is that we get bored, right? We are reading the same sort of stuff most days, we struggle to know how to piece together exciting meals that give us domain. So by this, this is something that's absolutely essential is that we have, you know, and opening from the stuff that we're reading. So that way it's enjoy of all. And then in sync with that we want to be making sure that we are feeling pleasure and enjoyment when it comes to what we're putting into our system. Because if we're not enjoying and getting great pleasure from the foods that we're eating, and the meals that we are putting into our system and whatever.

Well this is a big contributor to why a lot of us and end up actually bingeing and falling off plan and that sort of thing. And then the last thing being we need to have structure and focus. Now let's break these down because as you can Imagine if any of these three circles are missing, then obviously, you can't have this effective sweet spot in the middle. And if there isn't this sweet spot in the middle, right, this is missing, right? Well, then it essentially means that you're not going to be able to have a rock solid relationship with food and you will consistently struggle with Benji. So in terms of let's look at structure and focus so with when it comes to any diet that you're doing, the only way that it can be able to be effective for you is if you're consistent with it.

In terms of like, yeah, from an adherence point of view, or either adhere to whatever the rules are of said diet specifically, right. And ultimately, every standard diet will basically box you in to a specific set of rules, right as we're aware, every single one entails its own views around food or whatever it may be. Is this actual box you bought yourself in, in terms of the rules that it has a disease times must have a certain frequency of meals or every two to three hours, whatever it may be. Or maybe it's one meal a day in the middle class and wherever it may be, but you must adhere to, it's boxed in rules for there to be able to be effective structure and focus. And then naturally, well, you don't want to be incorporating what's called the shiny objects, right, which is basically where like a lot of people jump ship quite easily.

Hours, you're gonna be learning some more about throughout these other lessons following but for all of us, we can quite easily jump ship and struggle to stick to something consistently for long enough for it to be effective. Now, structure and focus is something that needs to be on point pretty much all the time. So if you can imagine a big reason why a lot of people struggle with having effective structure and focus and sticking to a grade decently Time is that well, there isn't that variety, instead of variety, what, what they actually have is they have a lot of sameness. Or they have too much rigidity, which is why you have a lot of people that variety box is actually missing. But for you to actually have that variety, it means that like, let's say, for example, that you're someone who goes through different phases of wanting different things, right?

Especially given the fact that we, that for a lot of us, the diets that we do doesn't cater for the various seasons of life. And by that I mean like summer, autumn winter spring, or when you're going through phases of life and being single in a relationship to traveling often to having lots of social events on like, if it's not catering for things like that, well then this is where a lot of us we struggle, we freak out and therefore Yeah, this is where we usually have this blowout sort of scenario of binge eating or we just bought the tractor together or Yeah, like a lot of things don't cater for variety. And then in terms of when it comes to pleasure and enjoyment, Wolf, a lot of us we don't look forward to the news operating, because for a lot of us, we are eating stuff that we told that we need that we need to eat, not that we actually enjoy eating right, this is something I'm going to break down once again in future lessons.

But we want to make sure that we do have that enjoyment that we are actually you know, loving and looking forward to everything that we eat. That way, we have that actual player have that pleasure is missing, someone not excited to be able to eat foods that we're going to be eating, well, then there's that gap. This is then where once again, we're not inclined to want to keep sticking to the thing that we're doing. And therefore this holy grail sweet spot in the middle becomes something that is far fetched and something that seems basically entirely out of our grasp and add about potential reach.

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