Magic Circle

27 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to your shoulders and arms workouts with magic circle. So I have several exercises for our shoulders and arms, and we will see them together. So let's go on our mats first. And if you wish, a wish to watch first and then do what needs fine. So we will start with warming up our shoulders. First, I go down and for the comfortable position here, my pelvis is stable in parallel to me and my arms up and my legs are banded for the moment.

So I want to start with lifting our arms to the ceiling. So we give a little bit of probablistic to our shoulders. So I like to lift my arms is if I'm reaching to something in the ceiling and lower them down and attach them for more time up, and this was like a small move. But you will definitely feel that when you do it. If you're ready you can do with me. And we do this 10 times.

Things don't add up. Doubt up. We can add our breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Let's do this.

Four and 321 and stay here. Good, wonderful. Now let's take our arms and move them backwards overhead. So here one important thing is to keep your absence engaged and your upper by diverse table. Okay, as we move the arms backwards here, overhead and access forward. So here what would be wrong is that when I bring my arms, I cure my back like this, and then bring my arms so this is wrong.

So try to keep that upper body stable and just moved arms back and forward. Wonderful. Try to keep this position throughout the moon and the arms or under the arms now discovering all the way forward and a steer nice and all the way back and forward and back. So here we are making a whole circle kind of a little bit less than home. Just feel your arms and your shoulders. Wonderful.

So three more times and last And last ball, become a stay up here. I hold my ring this time, bring it to my chest, as I lover as I dance my elbows, and I keep my circle in my pals here, I squeezed the ring walks, and I bring the ring up again. One more time, inhale, bring the ring to your chest, and squeeze the ring between your paws and send the ring forward. All right, one more time, bring to the chest. Squeeze the ring. feel those muscles in your arms and bring it up.

Inhale down. Exhale, squeeze, inhale up, less two to three more times, though. Squeeze up, though, is squeeze and applies to this. Two more types. Okay, add one more crease and keep your arm The same everyone all the time. And they're here.

Hold your ringer gay. Good. So we will come here we will slightly come to our sitting position. Okay. So first stretch your legs. Okay, wonderful.

So engage your abs and slightly start up senior knees here in your feet up as you come through your sitting position, I will come a little bit back so you see me. Alright, so I'm in my, I'm sitting on the very top of my sitting doors. And if this position is difficult for you to keep your legs straight, you can bend your knees a little bit, or you can put a pillow under your hips so it will lift your hips and your legs to be strength. Okay. said let's stay in this position. And I want you to look somewhere in the middle of your rain and hold your ring Welcome to our arms are right for the moment and I will slightly slowly bring my arms up.

And great. So here my body position is not changing. Okay, only my arms going up and down. So I'm still sitting very tight and up and my shoulders are far from my ear so I don't go down like this. And then also here, my back is quite straight and just work with the arms up and down, and shoulders powerful new years. Wonderful.

Let's do this quest for time. And we will add some rotation and tree and to last One, stay here. This time, we will add some rotation. So I'm gonna first All right, bring my ring to my chest. Okay, hold this here, and then I will turn right slightly. So I'm seeing somewhere here, and then I send my arms forward, bring my arms up, and they'll bring the ring to your chest.

Enter Lester to the other side. So if you already take your ring and do with me or if you want to watch first is okay, so I turn first to last time and bring my arms all the way forward. Bring my arms up and well against the chest and talk to the other side. Right so right forward, and up and down to the chest. So the middle to the other side, turn and forward, and up and down to my chest and to the middle, less, two more, set it right first, then the arms forward and up and down. As much as I keep my arm, very tight and stable, my body stable and brings to my chest last.

Let's turn the arms forward, arms up and to the chest, and turn last time. Forward, up and down, and to my chest and to middle, so I'm going to send my arms forward. We haven't done yet. So take your arms up. And have you and if you remember your whole exercise, so we will do this whole exercise with our magic circle. Alright, so first while my arms are perverts, I want you to turn to right to solidify what takes your body to write.

And imagine you're driving a car and turn to view to left as we are turning to left. From here, to your right foot, and come up, turn, drink, come to the middle, and we do to the other side, turn left, turn the wheel to the right. And then switch forwards and back up, turn, circle and come to the middle. Now to the other side, maybe two to three steps, can we so I want you to feel the which muscles also he's working here, turn right and turn and forward. Take Turn back, come to the middle, and left. Turn your ring.

Switch over, back, turn the circle to the middle, right, turn, switch over, and come back. Turn to the middle. One more time to let it stretch back to your last one. Right and turn your circle and stretch forward and come back to your inner circle the center, left, turn and stretch. Come back to the center and put your ring down and just relax your shoulders for two seconds because of stretched up. You can also bend your knees, just release them before we move to the next Exercise.

So I want to do this exercise I want to stay on my knees. And I'm going to put my left hand on my mat. Okay? And I'm holding my drink here on my right side. So my arms straight here. And here I have a nice 90 degrees in my hips, my abs engaged so I'm not back like this, or I'm not unbalanced at this point, and nice balance position here before we start existing.

Okay, so here I want you to feel the circle. And we slowly press down and release. Press and release up, come back. Yes, press and only. We can do this 10 times with right arm and we move left So here my buddy is totally stable, nothing is moving and just my arm press and literally five more times 4321 and take your brain and change the side. So this time I'm going to Brooklyn left our, I take my ring, place it under my palm, I bring my other arm somewhere under my shoulder, my buddies table and oppressively Dell.

And there was a little bit of work here. If you feel also in your arms feel which was Cooper working in your arms. Got keep your body stable and pressed for time and for 321 and take your reading and just Stretch your back here for two seconds and come and lay on your back on your chest with me. Alright. So here we will do toys their size. And first of all let's start with this one here.

So I want you to hold your ring and pull from the past. So don't squeeze it so much but don't release it so much in this I want you to hold this rapid your fingers, okay? And and then go ahead and put your chest slowly on your map. Okay, and soon I will bring my arms forward. Okay, so here's my position. My legs are all my math.

I going to lower my tech though. Come here and build your apps and hips wall so you don't have pain on your lower back. Okay, once you're ready to stand those arms folded and bring those arms back here and remain. Again forward and back and and wonder. Keep your head up, look forward and moving forward and back and forth good at you know, I'll turn it to a breath. Inhale, you bring a squeeze.

Wonderful. Good. Let's do this three more times and less Unless Unless one forwards and stay here. Now put your link particularly just like this on your map. And we will turn our back a little bit and it's a really nice stretch this but you will also see that it's a little bit challenging on the arms. And let's exercise now.

So here I'm placing my ring, just the front of my chest, okay, and I place my palms just on top of the pad here. Okay, so here again is important to engage your abs and hips a lot so you don't have pressure on your lower back. Good. So I'm going to play some by both palms on my pad here. And my chest is black. I'm somewhere on my on my chest, not down but not so high needed.

Okay, so up mustering to lift myself more up. Okay. And when I go down, I release the circle and put my head down and I go no go up and exhale, press the rhenium leaf to replicate up. Very up. Wonderful. As I release the ring, I gotta press the ring, and you lift your ribcage up wonderful.

Arms and exhale down. And and let's do this two more times. And And last time here, lift, lift, lift it, feel your arms. Wonderful. And slowly come down and take your ring down and relax your shoulders and your neck as well. So here it's a treat, you also stretch so if you feel here, you have a nice stretch here.

And also as we press the ring while we lift ourselves up, there's also work for the arms, that the devil loves those muscles. But again, be careful to your lower back he don't lift yourself so up so not to hurt your lower back so it's important. Alright, so let's slowly come up and slowly come to our sitting position. After a nice back extension, let's work those arms and stretch them a little bit. Send your legs forward. So if you are comfortable in this position, stay like this.

Otherwise put a pillow under your hips. Good. So I'm going to put my ring somewhere here, but take this position with me. So I'm holding the ring with my boat. And first let's work the right arm. So I'm going to hold the ring with my left arm and my right arm is free.

So from here, I want you to take your arm up, make a circle all the way back and reach to the wall behind and by the way, look at your pop here and go as further as you can. Be feel the nice stretch and bring this arm all the way forward. Now printer self and stretch yourself more to forward and back, one more. Circle and back. reach back all the way back, back back. Keep looking into your wonderful and bring your and forward.

Let's do this three more times one and stretch and stretch forward. Good. Let's switch the arm. Now. I have a hold with my right hand and broke my left arm, my arms and I make a circle this arm back and reach back and look at my pole. Good and bring it forward.

Bend your elbow and pull yourself in for a stretch and again open Rich, feel the stretch here. And as well as and again good. Now stay here. Let's keep holding the ring with our both hands. So here I want you to first sit tight and then we will turn our back. Okay, just my back slowly and I feel my shoulder blades opening and my breakfast Richie and I come up against this first Now move but it's very nice stretch for arms and shoulders also for your back.

One more time back to back and stretch. And, again, back to you. I'm stretching for three more tops because it's a very nice sweat. And two more times. Here, take your ring and you can take your Lexus wall to the left your arm, your neck, like a circle, and we move to our standing arm workout now. So let's stand up and let's do our standing workout.

All right, let's continue with our standing on work out. So we will start with our first exercise. Let's hold our magic circle in between our pals here and somewhere in front of my chest not so high enough so low. So from here, I send my arms forward and I pulled my ring just between my palms like this Okay, I can bend my elbow slightly. And if you're ready from here with press the ring and hold it, press and release. So the move can be a little here because it's not the most helpful tool to show us that we are working our muscle.

But don't worry, you're working those muscles feel which muscles are working here actually as we press the circle. So let's do this 10 more times, you can increase more if you wish. And 87654321 and great now let's raise our arms so it's like a crown on top of my head. my elbows are slightly bent. And from here I again, squeeze my ring and the queen of always good feel again, which muscles are Working No. Good, keep it up your arms as we press in between our palms, feel the muscles and the move.

Let's do 10 98754321 and take your ring now. Great. So let's continue with the next exercise. I'm going to turn my back so you can see how I'm holding the circle. So, I hold my circle somewhere here. Okay, and again, it's in between my toes.

Okay. So this time I'm gonna squeeze circles here, but unfortunately, we will not see the move so much, but definitely we will see a lot. So if you're ready to take your ring and place it behind you and press and release Press and release. So this is quite difficult. But again to those muscles that are working even with a slight move, actually how much they're working on all those difficult lessons five more times for 4321 as they great. So again, in this exercise, it can be a little bit disappointing not to see the ring moving.

But definitely we are working the muscle so don't worry. All right, so I'm gonna take my ring and place somewhere here. Okay, looks so high and so low just on my hip, hip bones here, and I hold it with my palm here. So my ring is kind of parallel to the floor and I can bend my elbow the best place my other hand on my way, and I quit. analyst There you go. Now we feel the ring is finally moving, cook.

Let's quiz enrollees. Wonderful. Very easy, most effective. If you do those exercises regularly you will really see a difference in your arms you will get stronger and you will lose those arms. But God bless the five more times 4321 ms switch the sides. Again, same thing we repeat on left side and I press and release.

I also love it. It's like you have your gym at home. Very nice. I love magic circle for this because you're working against that pressure against that strength of magic circle so it makes you feel that you're really working those muscles. Great last fight. 321 and take your circle this damn.

Place our pet circle pet here on our shoulder. And I hold it from the upper pet, just like this. This time I'm going to press press the circle, worst my shoulder and totally press and release. Good. Press and release. Seal again which muscles are working here.

You don't need to press the heart. Just see how much you can do. And avoid wrapping your arms your fingers around the pet so if you can open your pole and press Yeah, let's the four motors here 321 and switch to side. I'm gonna put on my left shoulder No, I will turn it look like this. So it can from different angle, and I press and press and release. Wonderful and press.

So effective. feel those muscles working in your arms. And let's do this five more times 4321 and lower your arm down to stretch your arms once forward, and up, up, up up, just to decide less to stress here for our homework. One more time for work and relax your shoulders and your arms. Wow, that's worth a lot and this is the End of your arms and shoulders series with magic circle. Again, choose the exercises that you like most and practice them more.

But make sure you take a break and you don't feel so exhausted. If you repeat these exercises regularly, you will definitely see the change in shorter time because as you see from what is different from the practice exercises without props is that we are working against the strength against the pressure here. So it helps you to develop those muscles and burn the fat quicker. I hope you enjoyed and I will see in the next lecture with another problem.

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