Fit Ball

24 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your legs and hips workout with football or Swiss ball, I have prepared a lot of people are sizes, work our legs and hips, if you're ready to take your ball and let's start. So I'm gonna first lay down, I put my ball at the end of my best map, and I go ahead and roll down. Alright, so you can watch me first of all you can do with me together for this point. So what's the point the comfortable position here, make sure that my chest is down and my lower back is also attached to Matt and my pelvis is stable. Okay, so from here I come and take my legs up and place on my ball. So here I have a nice 95 degrees on my knees and My ball is also touching to my hips.

Okay, so I hold it in between my feet and hips and my legs are hip width apart. Okay. And I go ahead and open my arms comfortably on the shoulder level, slowly from here, I low my legs to right as I turn my head left and bring my legs up. Right now to the left, I lower my leg still look at my right. And bring the legs up all the way up on to the other side. Right side, I turn and keep looking left here and bring up good.

Few more times less to bring the mic so look at your right and come up and to the left. Turn, turn, turn, and upgrade. Its unless stretches will lessen few more times left and right, don't forget your head, look at the opposite hand and up. Great, wonderful. Take your arms again next to you. And this time, we will push the push the ball a bit forward.

Okay? And I'm touching full of my feet like, I hold the ball with my feet, okay, under my feet. So I touch my toes together. Okay, so I want to touch the toes to either my next one to close, right? So what am I gonna do is to take a kind of a frog like shape. So from here, I slice it, open my toes, so they are far from each other.

Okay, if you see my legs, and the ball is as close as to my hips, and I'm just holding the ball with my toes and my knees are also far from each other. Okay, so this is a Starting position. From here slowly, I will push the ball but I will keep my legs open as to my toes are far from each other and bring the ball back again. Great. So I keep my legs same position as I push the ball forward, and back and forward and back. Great.

Let's do this 10 times in like back and forth. Try to push the ball, roll the ball on the same line, so don't let it go right and left. Okay, so forward and back. Use your breath, exhale. Inhale, bring back, exhale forward in helping keep your abs engaged all the time as we bring the legs back, and forward and back and forward one, the last two. And forward and back and stay here.

So this time we bring the feet together. So I'm holding my bow. So we're on top and my feet are together. Okay. So this time, we will raise our hips up. So here make sure the ball is not so closed like this your hips so go ahead and push it a bit forward until you have made the breeze on your knees is not a foreign leader.

Neither so close somewhere here, like a tabletop position. Okay, so press the ball well now. Slowly with an inhale, I engage my ups and tech, my tailbone, press my bow and I lift my hips up and bring them down. Great. Try to bring the hip equal the don't shake right and left. Okay, well Martin, English ups, lift the hips up, please the hips and they go.

Great. So my next one apart, okay, don't close them so much. And one more time, raise the hips up as we press the ball and bring the hips down. Wonderful. three more times. Inhale.

And exhale. Good. First of all, again, inhale up. Try to keep the ball in the same position. Don't let it go. And up.

Good. Stay here. Now, open your legs closed and roll down. Great. So we just add a little bit of challenge. So one more time, inhale, lift the hips up, open the knife, and close.

And so when we open the legs, keep the feet on the ball all the time. One more time. So there's three more times, inhale up. Stay here, open the leg, and close. And last to eat help. Bring the hips up.

Open the legs flows. And wonderful again. Inhale up. Close. And, great. Let's stay here.

Now I'm going to put my toes again back together and my, my feel sorry and my toes are far from each other. Okay, so with an inhale slowly, I ball in the same position as here, I raised my hips up. So I'm gonna stay up all the time. Keep your hips up, push the ball forward, stretch the legs, and bring back and stretch. And bring back your need to make your feet. Your legs thread can be a big bandits and back, forward and back.

Five more times. forward. And but keep your hips up all the time. How an exhale. Inhale and exhale must three, forward and back to back one and stay here. Bringing the hips down slowly and take the ball and your legs, your chest, two seconds break.

This can be challenging because the ball is caught, but we will manage. So let's go. Put your feet on the ball again. Okay, completely and then the legs a bit forward so you have a 90 degrees on your knees. And I'm not holding my balls too much on top and so much here, neither so far in between top and middle. Okay, open your legs hip width apart.

And let's go. Inhale, bring the hips up. Stay here. Find your balance here. Put your weight on your right leg and raise the level Like up, and up, and up and down, just put your toe and bring back. So, I'm back last time, stay here.

Bring the hips down very slow because let's do the other leg now. Take it two seconds break again. I know this is challenging for the legs one more time pressable and raise the hips up to the ceiling. Put your weight on your left leg. Now, as we will lift the right leg up, up. And press will up and press your palms will as well to the mat.

And last three and two and one and bring the hips down very slowly goes here very challenging to keep The ball not moving, but it means we are working on our legs a lot to stretch your legs and flex your feet to relax. Point your feet and flex and point and flex. Great, wonderful. And take your ball back again. Alright, so let's send the ball a bit forward. So I'm going to come back just a little bit.

It lets them like sport. Okay, so the ball is just behind my, under my heels. Okay, and I'm holding it. So don't make it so close like this. So you see now my heels are not touching. So put it forward so your heels are touching on the ball.

Okay, so somewhere here. Good. If you're ready. We engaged up rooted in healthy raised the hips up and the hell up and don't keep your apps and hips engaged all the time and pelvis this parallel so palaces going straight up and coming back together down. So avoid doing shake. Okay, so one more time inhale up my pelvis is two parallel and exhale.

On three more times, inhale up. And last and last one up as we stay here. Now banter right, so let's put the weight our weight on our left leg as we bent the right leg and lift it up to the ceiling. And let's push the like put your weight on the right leg then Less like knee up and less the right leg. Bend up and wonderful. Left leg bent up and keep your hips up, don't drop right leg bent up and left leg up.

And last two times right leg bent. Up and down. Last and left, up and down and lower your hips down. Great. This is real. Burn.

I'm sure you felt a lot. Good. So let's go back again. So I press my ball well again here. This time with an inhale a lift my hips up slowly. This time I will put my right leg right on my right leg is at least my left leg.

From here, lower the hips down. Test your mat, and up. Again, down and up. My left leg is stable. I'm on my right leg just going up and down. So when you go down, don't, don't touch completely.

Try to touch a little bit and up, touch up, touch and upload, like down that switch to like, let's put our weight on the left leg. Raise the right leg up somewhere here. Drop the hips down, slightly touch. down, and down. And up. 54321 loaded leg down.

Take the ball. Nice to just relax. Hold your legs for a few seconds here. Wonderful. Once you're ready, come and sit. I will take my both my right side first.

So all right, if you need more break disco head, your shoulders, your legs as well. And if you're ready to take your ball on your right side, this time I'm on my nerves and I'm gonna put my hips on the wall on the ball and I will go down. Okay, so here make sure you find comfortable position. So if you need a few more seconds, go ahead and find it. So and then I put my chest down here. Okay, so I'm kind of laying on my ball, my elbows touching, and also my other eyeballs and arms behind my head.

Okay, and from here, so I'm going to send Left Greg fort here. Okay and my other leg is just doing nothing just on the math bent. So my arms are stable here. My abs are engaged. We didn't inhale, I lift my leg, left leg up, and up and down, wonderful. Up.

And try to keep your Epson hips engaged all the time to feel it as maximum level. And up and plus five and four, and three, two, and one. And stay here. Now put your right arm on the floor, just slightly shift this arm here or here on your hips. So can you I want you to lift this leg up and flex your foot Send it forward and back. So we are doing two kicks.

So send it forward and back and back, keep the lead pilot flawed. Don't drop it standards forward and back, forward and back and over the life. Great. Let's take a break from our left leg and less to the right leg. Now, bring your boat right side. Again, I'm a little bit faster my bowl as I bring my hips down first, and I go and put my chest down and I stretch my legs forward.

Okay, and I go ahead and put my chest madewell and bring my hand behind my head. Great. So if you find this position, go ahead. English raisin like up and up, and up and up, the hips will, so we don't keep staying on the ball up and up. And up. And very good.

Keep raising up and up. And last three and one. Stay here, bring the left arm to the max and the other leg on your hip. And let's do the kicks. lift the leg up, flex the foot, kick forward, and back, kick forward, and back. It can be very small kick.

We can bring more, as long as you don't move your hip so much. Over and back and back, keep your life parallel. Forward and back. Those three And two and one, stay here loaded like job and just come and sit to relax those legs. Very Nice job. I'll take a stretch your arms and make a circle.

Feel the muscles. Wonderful. If you're ready, let's take our bowl and this time we will do how standing move is going to be very challenging as well because of the balance. So I'm going to show the first move. So I place my balls at the end of my mess here. And I will hold it so I'm going to first hold from here so I'm gonna hold it with my left leg.

Okay, so if you need also support, go ahead and do it next wall. Here. My bowl is between my knee and my ankle. Okay. So we're here. So from here, I slowly bent, my little bit forward, I will bend my right leg.

Okay, I lay my arms now, I bent my right leg and I touch the floor, I cannot touch the floor. Okay. And from here, I bring my ball back and come up, Chris, all the weight is on my right leg for the moment. So I go ahead, roll the ball back, back, back, back, back, back back and attached to my mat and come up good scopes. So this is gonna be challenging for the balance just happened to me. So go ahead and try again with me.

Now. Bring the ball back and come down and touch. Very slow here. Find your balance. Bring the ball back, back, back, back, back and stand up. Good.

Let's do this three more times. Inhale, bring the ball back and You have met. And again, come up and bring the ball back. Wonderful last to roll the ball back. And then you come down, test your met and come up. Good luck that we go down and test our max.

Find the balance, bring the leg back and switch the leg. So I'm going to hold it with my right leg this time. So again, the position of the ball is the same. It's somewhere in between my knee, and ankle so when I push, I have space. Okay. So let's bring this leg a little bit forward and bend it.

But arms are free for the moment. If you're the English ups and the hips, and let's go bandini roll the ball back, back, back, back, back, back, back and touch I'm not come back up. Got one more time, go back and touch too much. And come up. Good. Again, roll back and touch.

Well kind of touch your nails. And come up. One more time go down, down, down, down, down, go touch rock bands in the sand the ball back and take the ball back. And let's go on our ball now. So, I'm going to place my ball here at the beginning of my match. As I put my chest, I will go forward.

Wonderful. So the best is just under my hips for the moment. Okay, and my shoulders From my ears and my chest is lifted, and my legs are together so I'm not doing this. So my abs are also lifted a bit and my legs are together. Let's continue with the single leg stretch. So if you remember, engaged absent hips, but an inhale, bring the right leg and kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, and wonderful.

Inhale, Inhale. Where good kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Last time, kick, kick, kick and No great. No slowness tangible back as we lift the legs up. So I'm pushing myself back so my hands are getting passed on my shoulder, I push the ball back and I raise my legs up and I spoke about so it's kind of a swan, how Swan on the ball. One more time, exhale, push the ball back and raise your next up as much as possible.

Put your head down and likes to come forward. Keep your hips engaged. One more time excess covert, lift the legs up and come forward. Again, press reports work. Inhale, roll back. Lift the legs up and forward.

Five more time. Here. We're back. Reason the mics up and back. Great. Keep your fat back again.

The legs up and forward also arms are working quite a lot. last three and forward. Last two and fourth. And last. One matter, we go back again. Lift the legs up, up, up, up, up, and revolt our favorite.

And stay here. Bring your arms back slowly. Go back slow, very slow. Such a feet on the floor, coming your chest and take your ball. We deserve a nice break. So this is the end of our legs and hips workout with Pitbull.

I hope you enjoyed the exercises can be a little challenging at the beginning. So don't worry and don't be disappointed. Just you need to practice more and get familiar and get used to also this kind of perfect. So take this as as you'd like most and also you can increase and decrease the repetitions as invite. I hope you enjoyed this workout. And I will see in the next lecture with another prop

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