Resistance Band

26 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your legs workouts with resistance bands. So in this workout lights need you or strong resistance best so choose the one you prefer, I will do with a life men's and if you need more challenging or more severe, you can go ahead and choose a medium or stronger band. If you're ready, get your band and let's start. So first exercises we will do on our knees on our old force. So before we go down, I would like to set our resistance there. So you can bring your left leg and just put your foot on your bed so try to do it somewhere in the middle.

Okay, so you have equal resistance here. Okay. So if you get this position, then typed it in, keep it well as we bring the light back so it doesn't drop, okay here. So once I set my leg so I go ahead and put my arm cell. So again here also place your palm strong, so we don't lose the bent. Okay?

So here, my leg is a little bit up here, okay. And I tuck my toes, the other one and my arms, my palms are in the same level than my shoulders. And I missed it from my chest. So don't drop yourself like this, your chest and the shoulders across from your ears. Okay. So if you have the position here, let's look at the last time so make sure you are so behind like this and look forward like this leader so we have a nice night.

Degrees everywhere. Alright. So if you're ready, if you have this position as well. I take an inhale and a bring this leg up and make it stretch all the way back and bring it back to the starting position. Okay, well Martin, like back, and Ben. So here, don't touch your knee on the max to keep it up.

Stretch, stretch, and bend. So try to keep also your hip stable. So avoid doing this. Avoid moving your hips, okay, keep it stable, and press and push. Yes, wonderful. Feel which muscles are working.

So elbows straight arm strength and chest lifted as we look great. par three. So as they appear and bend your leg, but this time we will do towards the ceiling. So kick and kick, you kick, the can also stretch your legs. So there's going to be more challenging. Try to keep your knee stable, just stretch and stretch the space move, but very effective.

Keep your leg up and press 4321 and load. So this I'm gonna add my arm as well. And so I keep my fans here well on my right arm as I lift my left leg up and Make it straight. I'm gonna list my right hand as well. If you remember your opposite arm like list. That's it, and bring everything down.

Great. One more time slowly. Okay, lift everything up. And great. up, make liquid a little too slow, and up. And wonderful five more times 543.

So, one, and go ahead sit on your heel, as we change the like. So take your band, like we did for the rest, like so. I'm gonna bring my lead first, and put it on my mouth. Bring my leg and press and I checked you have equal length. Okay? Wonderful.

I hold tight as I bring my leg back. So I still have the band with me. Okay, I go ahead and put my arms down. All right. So I took my legs I have made the goose egg over my shoulders. Of course my ears, my chest is lifted.

And from here, I tuck my toe and be straight. And don't touch your knee ultimate stretch, and wonderful. Feel which muscles are working. Keep your hips and abs engaged for the maximal feel of those muscles. Wonderful. Push back, back and forth, back and forth.

Wonderful. Let's do this 500 Turn 4321 and stay here. lift the leg up and stay here, hold this world and stretch and stretch and stretch. Feel your muscles stretch. And that's good. Let's do this and 4321 and bring the light.

Great. This time, I'm going to move my left arm as we move the right leg. So I press one with my right path on the map. I'm gonna just do this. Yes, I take I'm ready to take this arm up. So I just bend again.

So as I move my right leg up and stretch this leg everything up and up and up, and it can be confusing. So take your time to slowly try to bring both on and leg up at the same time, plus three and two and bring everything good. So, let's go on our back. Take your bandwidth you as we lay on our back. So I'm gonna stain so you can see me and I go and find a comfortable position on my back and I take my fans in my hands And I placed it behind my right foot. Try to open it as white as possible so it will be easier to keep.

All right. At the moment I only have the belt on my right foot and we will work with the right leg. So keep your elbows down close your ribcage, hold your bends will keep your arm stable lower dislike Dell and wonderful my hamstring stretch. So bring it as close as to your head and up. Good is the move. feel the stretch.

If you cannot make your next strategy campaigns your knee and also continue like this. That's totally fine. If you have tight hamstrings you can reflect this advertisement The up and down, up and down, stay up. Let's change the leg, bring the other leg and lower the other like down, bend your knee and bring the like Dell, and Dell and optimize hamstring stretch here again, if you need, you can bend your leg and just work with the bended knee, keep your knee locked, and great, wonderful. Stay up here, no place for your legs. Hold your band photo of your with both of your hands.

This time bring your arms all the way back. So keep your arms table here as we lower the legs and up great. So we are trying to push push, push, push push the better And great so we have more strength and wonderful and I don't care of your back. You don't have to bring so much though. If this is Mexico stay here. If you can bring more then go ahead and lower more.

And up to more time still up, down. And upstate year, take your ring. Take your belt, sorry, I keep saying bring ticularly bandwidth you in your hand. Place it somewhere here. Okay. Open it wide.

Hold the band as close as possible to your hips and lower your arms. Okay, Henry himself. Take an inhale, squeeze your abs. Hips as we lift the pelvis up, squeeze those hips were, squeeze the way well, and great. So feel the strength here, feel the resistance. So go over the resistance of Push, push, push, push this band and engage the hips, squeeze the hips and lift up and still your shoulder blades.

Push Up, up, up, up. And, great. Two more times, up, and down. Last time up. As we stay here, put your weight on your left foot and lift the right leg up, point to the ceiling and push up. So small kicks towards the ceiling.

Don't lower your hips as a kick up, up. 5321 Hello to like down stay here. Don't go anywhere. Put your weights on your right leg as we left, lift the last leg up, point the ceiling and kick, kick, kick. Wonderful 4321 load laketown paying the arms back and stretch. Hands wonderful.

And take your beds again, lift your right leg up, please the bend under your foot. Check again if you have equal length on both right and left side and keep the bent tight. Your elbows are on the map. Okay, and from here, so make sure you put this flex here and from here we will put our weight on our left leg. Keep your pelvis parallel. And I raised my hips up.

And let's see here. Now points, food point and On there's the points less the five more times 4321. Lower the leg down and up, lower leg bell. And keep your hips up two more times. And one, lower the hips down here brings the last leg up, we are changing the leg so we will do the left leg now as we bring the right leg now. Keep again, same length.

From here, again, I'm going to put my weight on my right leg, flex my foot and raise my hips up. Thank you. Point the foot and flex point and keep your bands quite tight here so you don't lose it. points and points and likes Wonderful. Wonderful. Plus 321.

Stay here. Lower the light down. And though Up, up very good. Be the three more times two and one finger light up over the hips down slowly and Lord like down to like this was a nice slow. I really like it. I hope you enjoy it.

Alright, so this time I'm going to place my ring behind my left, so right here. Okay so as I'm working with my left right leg Sorry, I'm going to hold my bands more often them on my left and I switched to them. Okay, and I put my elbow on the map. You can open the other arm here if you wish. And slowly from here, I bring my leg down to right. And, and right.

And good. If you can lower more you can go ahead and lower more. And Good. Keep your fingers you can bring this on you. And great, now we're adding the arm. So as I bring my right leg down, I open my left arm and keep it here and bring the leg back and open and back.

If you wish to come back with two arm he tells a cup here and stretch Last to stay here. Wonderful. Let's change the leg. Let's do the right side. So take both bands on your rights in your right hand this time. All right, you can keep this right like bended.

From here Put your elbow on the mat. So we are moving the like to write open as a crack open up an open and good see field hyperflex is moving and stretching down and try to keep your right hands on the mat all the time. Feel the resistance and wonderful. Stretch and back, stretch and back last time and I understand open and come back. Open come back. Very Fresh off a local, local, local and back in health.

And so let's do one more time and stay here. Take your band with you in your hands and put it behind your right leg. Let's make this like straight, we will lower the rights like Dell. And as I lower my reflector, I will bring my less need to work smarter. So there's coordination here. Okay, the move can be easy, but this requires some coordination.

So, I lower my elbows are next to my ribcage and lower my right leg Dell. And I bend the left leg and bring it towards me. And I lift my right leg up with the band and I stretched the left like And push and Okay, that's it, Lord right leg on bended knee and bring to your chest and then lift it like up. Let's do this if you get it. Okay, I hope you feel comfortable with the move. Endless four and three and two.

And last one, we stay here, change the light. Let's do the right leg now. So my left leg is lifted up here. My right leg is straight. From here, lower the left leg down and bend the right knee towards the chest and change and bounce Nice coordination Keep your arms and elbows table on the most wonderful. And stretch less to three more times and two and one and last one brings like down to dislike up right now here and I want you to take your right leg and put on your blessed me somewhere here.

Okay, we're gonna do a hip flexor stretch. Okay, from here so I'm lifted. Now I lower my leg down and up so you can keep actually a bit closer. So bring this leg as much as you can, towards your chest. Bring bring bring bring bring and lower down and bring up suppose this leg will Feel the sweat on the right leg and you and wanna stay here. Let's change the light.

Put your right leg on the bench. gonna fix it. Yes. And bring your left foot on your right knee this time. So you can hold a little bit closer to your foot if you want to feel the stretch more. So pull this leg towards your chest.

Poo poo poo poo poo and lower. Good. Pull up and feel the stretch on your left leg hip flexors here and keep your knee parallel. So avoid doing this. Keep it there and Cuckoo Cuckoo. trash and up stay here.

Take your fans with you. festival expert two seconds before we move to side, like serious. So if you're ready, I'm gonna first do on my left side but before that I put my vent, no here. Okay. And from here I come up so that's easy to set up. I hope it's good.

I'm on my side. So I have a nice resistance here. Okay, and here my chest is lifted and my legs are just on top of each other. And I don't drop my hips like this so I have to make it a bit forward. My apps are engaged, my palm is on the map. From here.

I hold the band tight here and open my leg up and up. And if you don't feel comfortable with your shoulder, you can also work on the map. So go ahead and put your head down if you feel more comfortable, open this leg up and up and feel whereas working more slow, wonderful. Push this leg up. And also imagine if you work with the stronger Beth here. You are really really working those muscles on your leg plus five and four and 321 and stay here.

Put your hands somewhere here. Okay, okay, oh catches my must keep it up here. Okay. And as we keep I would bend a very straight, I lift, I open my right leg, and then I lift my legs up. And so keep the distance in between. So don't drop, drop it.

Okay, so open up and up. And we're small, but very effective. last three to one. And let's change the side. I'm on my left. On my right, sorry, I'm very bad at right and left.

I'm sorry if I'm making you confused. Alright, let's come on over right. I set my legs again. So my suitcase is lifted, my shoulder is performer is lifted, and your legs are on top of each other. Okay, hold you bend tight. Press the lower like the math and bring the left leg And good up and up.

Please those epsons hips, so we feel the move more wonderful in help and Excel. Sorry, good. Let's do this a bit more. And then we start to come and less 54321 and stay up as we lift the legs up and up. And they're small but effective. up and up and up.

Very good. Up and down and last one take you like to Whoa, this was nice to like, put your feet together, you're facing each other. Place your hands on your ankles here and elbows underneath and go forward, stretch. those legs wonderful. go as far as you can come and come on. One more time go forward.

Forward, forward, forward. And back to this one more time. As we feel this wonderful stretch, I love it. And come back. Great, wonderful. So this is the end of our show.

Let's work out with those bands. I like it you can bring it everywhere you can to put in your bag in or in your legasus you're traveling and work out whenever you want. Again, remember to choose the strength you want like me to more strong. I did this workout with the lights. Ben, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next lesson with another

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