Mini Ball

28 minutes
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Hello again and welcome to your legs work out with me all this time. So I have prepared a lot of exercises with this workout for this workout. And actually mini ball is one of my favorite to work those legs and hips. So if you're ready, take your ball and we start with the first exercise. So I'm gonna go on my knees in the first exercise. So we will first do some exercises on our knees on our offers actually.

So before that before I go down, I take my ball and I placed behind my over here, okay, and I hold it well with my leg. So once my boys here and comfortable, I go down and put my arms on my knees. So here, my arms, my hands, sorry, are in the same alignment than my shoulders. And I have a nice 90 degrees here on my hips and my chest is lifted. And this is my position. So my wife is on the map all the time and as we will work with left like only, okay, so if you are ready and get your app taken in help and give your voice to your right leg as we lift the left leg up, somewhere here and to the max.

Wonderful. That's your move, and inhale up and try to keep your hips stable. So avoid moving your hips like this. Okay, don't just keep everything stable, just like up and up and down. Keep your abs engaged, chest is lifted, don't drop your chest up and wonderful 10 more times and 987654321 and bring the leg though. Great, so we can put both knees for the moment as we move to our next exercise.

So this time what I'm gonna do is that I would mix my leg to the left as I open my leg like this, and bring it down to my knee low. So if you take a ball again and open this leg and close, it's like a dog, pee. And then up, and great. Keep your chest up and move like keep your head over stable. Wonderful. Keep moving up and down, up and down, feel your hips and legs and keep everything engaged all the time.

Squeeze those hips, plus five and 4321 and they bring your knee down. Wonderful. This time I'm gonna kind of merge the first two exercises. So we will do a circle. Okay, so I'm gonna personally lift my light up to left and bring it back. And so it's kind of amazing a circle with my knee.

So watch me again open. And we'll take back and great. Join me opera. Rotate and Pull back and mess up some more times than we reverse. And one more time. Stay here, no reverse first kick back, bring it to fight and close.

Open side and close, two more times. Kick, open and closed last time and put really great, we should really start to feel the hips and legs. last move, I lift my leg up. And this time I'm kind of bringing my foot to work my right leg just like this. And here I kick, kick, kick. This is very effective.

If we can do five more times 4321 and Bring like Dell back. Don't come up again and let's change the ball. So we put on our left, right leg, sorry. And we'll repeat all these exercises on this leg now. Wonderful. So if you're ready, take your position, up, engage, engaged.

Upper, this table, lift this leg up, and up. and wonderful. Inhale and exhale, too. It's me. Keep your abs and hips engaged. You're doing great.

Last five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Stay here we open to side and close. Please do Right, up, right up. Very good. keep you engaged. And up and down.

Very good. Now we go to circle up on the leg, bring it back, and open. Back and open. Back and on this last time and be reversed back. Open and back. Open.

And I'll lift the leg up as we kick towards our lovely Keke. Keke. Keke, very good. 54321 and bring this like down take the wall and stretch And we come up and this time we will go and lay on our back. Good. So I'm gonna place myself in the middle of my math wonderful.

And my upper body stable completely. my abs engaged and my pelvis is a lot lower and lift my legs up that place my both in between my knees somewhere here. Okay, so here I have nice 90 degrees in my knees and hips. If you're ready to keep your ball every squeeze the ball and release, squeeze and release. So we are making our next closer and released. Wonderful.

Keep squeezing. Let's do this 10 more times. Live eight 7654321 and take your ball my place in between your ankles and we repeat the same as quick release, squeeze and release. Wonderful feel which muscles are working. Where do you feel most and squeeze and release 10 more times 98754321 anti cable Great. Let's take a two seconds break.

And if you're ready, now let's come to our sitting position. I come back. This time we will do we will go on over Oxford before that I will take my ball and place Behind my knee here, okay, so both my legs, knees are bent, and I'm gonna put my hands behind my hip alignment and my hip. So we're here. Okay, so from here, what I'm going to do is lift my hips up. So you can watch me first if you wish.

So you should find a comfortable position he held tight shoulders and if you cannot do like this, you can ever just exercise or you can work on your forearms, but this can be a bit challenging. So, if you're good with this, just stay here and I lift my hips up. Great. So from here I go back. From here, I keep my hips up, abs engage and lift my leg up. And so all my weight is on my left black.

I press well up and And great. If you're doing with me, keep doing other words join me to lift up and up. plus five and four, keep the hips up. three rows and come down. Wonderful flip, switch the side. Let's put our ball on our left leg.

And okay, go ahead and lift the hips up. Keep your hips up all the time. Put your weight on your right leg as we lift the left leg up. Don't touch them, but we do. Good. up and keep those hips up.

Squeeze the parent will plus five four and three and two and one and bring the hips down. Wonderful. Take your belt and placed behind your right knee again. This time we will keep the legs stable but we will move the hips. So go ahead again and take the same position as I am with my right leg up, bend the elbows and look at it. Touch your met.

Up, Down. Up wonderful tumor types up, messed up and hip stuff less less like Israel puts your band Let me take a position like together And I missed my hips up first. Lift left leg up, the hips down, touch to my left lightly and up without sitting. First lightly touch up. Avoid sitting down. Let us bring those hips up and life.

Take your breath forward. seconds and take care of both sides for taking place under your chest here, okay and have a good one Wonderful. So I'm gonna attach my next together. forward just a little bit so keep my balance. Okay? If you prefer so you can keep it here.

Wonderful. So here, once you find this position makes you feel comfortable with the ball. Okay? Wonderful. So kind of domestic violence is too difficult we can bend over like, okay, so I'm going to show this one first. If you're ready, what an inhale up and reach with your head.

And that's the moon and rich and great, look forward, rich. And we should also feel the stretch here on the arm feel super good touch up five more times. And three, fours and three now and two and one and open up a little bend to our left. So same milk bed, and both to me and touch and open. It just touching over to me and let's keep it engaged. We are doing great.

And touch plus five and four and three and two and mess. With stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Wonderful. Take your position and come I'm here and take a better this time, place behind only you can bend the other leg. Okay? So this is our position.

So hey mission chest is lifted your shoulders that should be perfect your ear, okay? lift the chest up, lift this leg up. No, keep the bandwidth and mode like down and up. Just like this up and up and down. Wonderful. Keep doing with me.

Squeeze those ups and hips, feel which muscles we are working with this exercise. I always want you to be cautious about where we are working. Yeah. So the consultation is very important actually employed this wonderful last three and And one day I know I touched my knee to my knee and my turn to my toe. So I'm kind of making a half circle with my knee and toe, touch and touch that knee. And it's a wonderful list of five more times.

And we should really feel the burner. And three and two, and last. Stay here. Now squeeze, and release, squeeze and release. Good. 10 987654321 take your ball, and like these, like, give them a break and redo the other side.

So I'm going to go on a bellomo right this time, take my breath under my chest here. You're also ready for more comfortable. And I'm going to put my elbow under full. I bring my legs a little bit forward, bend my lower neck, pain, my arm overhead. My leg is completely stretched within her, lift my leg and reach with my arm. Up.

Reach and keep your hips and abs engaged. feel those muscles. Feel was working. Wonderful. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale five and four.

And tree and two and one. Stay here. No elbow to knee, bend the knee and touch with your elbow. And up. Touch and open. Bring this elbow to knee, touch and open, bringing the move very close to you.

Don't leave it in the middle, close touch. And open that and open last four. And three and two. And one. Stay here stretch, stretch, stretch, stay here. take you back.

Come on, and play Super Bowl behind your knee and bend this leg more wonderful. You can place your hands on your restaurant in front of you both spot if you're ready. lift this leg up and down, up and feel your hips. And like, up and down. Inhale. And exhale.

Very good. up, and up. And up plus four, and three, and two. And one. Stay here. No knee to knee and toe to toe.

Just we're making a hop, circle here. Wonderful touch, and touch. Very good. Feel the burn. I feel already. And last four and three and two and one.

Stay on. Here we are not done yet quiz the book 10 987654321 and take your ball and put it down in the room leave as we come off our chest. Go take two seconds break here. Before we move to the next exercise. Wonderful. If you're ready, come on your chest, take your ball place behind your knee, here.

Go hold it will and we go down so you can keep your chest here, but I feel more comfortable here. So I'm going to go ahead and put my head down. If you're ready, stretch your legs forward. And from here, lift this leg up and up and wonderful. He can help an Excel Exhale, inhale, lift and lift. Good.

Stay up. Now we do short Kick, kick, kick, kick. 87654321 and release. Take the ball and foot on the other leg now, behind the other knee and repeat the same. Keep the ball will stretch the other leg forward, hips engaged. And up and down.

Lift them up, and up. and up, and up. And very good. feel their hips working. up, and up, and keep it up and kick. 10 987654321 and loaded like don't, last move.

Take your ball between your action. Yeah, we can keep it here between your ankles. This camera will lift both legs up together. You can bring your knees close to each other, engage your hips and ups and raise both legs up and up and down. Here, don't worry. Just keep those hips well.

Soon you're working those muscles up and up, and four, and three and two, one run and take your bowl and just put your head Didn't relax for two seconds. did a great job. Women are almost done. But we will continue with our pending like series first. Alright, so let's continue with our standing service. If you're ready, stand up, take your ball and we start.

So we will see two exercises here. So first, I want you to take your ball and place on your left behind your left leg. So it's become more comfortable, you can do this somewhere close somewhere closer to a wall to hold, okay, to help you to take your position before we start. If you feel comfortable, you can also do without anything just on your mouth is fine. Okay. So I'm keeping my breath behind my left knee here and so my weight is completely on my right leg and I slightly bent this red light here.

Hi, I wanted to keeping it so straight i'd bend it a little bit. Okay. balance here. Okay, I'm gonna cut the cord. Yes. And once I have my balance here, okay, I'm going to place my hand on my chest, just like this.

Okay. Now we start with Titan lifts first. So come here, I want you to lift this leg left and close. Left and close, good concentration as well here not to lose your balance. But if you feel more comfortable, go ahead and hold somewhere like this. And just work with this like, okay, open and close.

Open and close. Wonderful. Two more times. And last, good. Stay here. Now I'm gonna bring this leg back.

As I bring the leg back either I bring my upper body down, and I raise my arms. bring it forward and come back to the starting position. Great. So this is going to be more challenging for your balance. If you're ready, we do this we try to do this three times. So bring the light back and send the arms forward and come up.

Great. One more time, leg back. arms forward and backwards, very slow. Its concentration one more time. I'm back. For motel we can bring the leg back, arms forward.

And come back and take your book. Great. Let's do the other lead. Alright, so we start with five list first. So then this new little bit, and if you're ready, lift this leg up, and up, and up, and wonderful. So a lot of times and one last time and bring my life down.

Great. So we're going to repeat the second exercise. Now, I go ahead and place my husband my on my chest. I keep my bed behind my knee. As I bring my leg back and kick backwards. I open my arms forward, lift this leg up, up, up, up, up, and come back and hold.

One more time. Again, lower By the doll and like back, open the arms as forward towards will slow to feel the muscles more time. Bring the light back, arms forward and bring the light back. And I'm back with one more time. I hope I can go. Bring the light back and arms forward.

Good. And come back. Yes, we did it and take a walk. Great, relax your legs. Wonderful. So this especially will take an exercise to build a challenging because you have to keep your balance and also there's a lot of weight on your leg because we are tending to try to do it very slow.

So the more slow we do, the more we will feel the muscles and if you prefer you can hold camera and touch practice by holding from a wall. And once you feel comfortable then you can just do on your own without the support of anything. So I hope you enjoyed this workout. This is the end of our next workout with me again today resizes that you like most and go ahead to also adjust the repetitions as you like. I hope you enjoy the game and I was in the next lecture with another prop

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