Fit Ball

26 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your arms and shoulders circles with football. Today we will work with our bowl I prepared a little exercises and if you wish to have if you have if you wish to have more challenge on some most I also added some dumble so I will use two kilo dumble you can also use help gram one kilo or I wouldn't suggest to use more because it can maybe hurt us. So, I will enjoy the silence I will use this to tumble and then if you're ready, let's start with our first exercise. So I'm going to take my ball beside me and we will start with noise stretching like a mermaid. So I will just sit on my hip here. Okay.

And my bowl is on my right side. So I will go ahead and place my arm just on top of my. So from here so my shoulders are far from my ears, so I avoid pulling them like this. I put them down. Okay, slowly, my palm is pressing the ball slowly, I'll send it forward and bring the other arm over my head is touch. And come back.

Wonderful. One more time. We go and stretch and back. Great. So stretch this arm as forward as possible you can hold from here as we stretch, bring the other back and great, so we making kind of mermaid. Good as stretch.

Come back, got blessed with the three more times stretch and back as twitch back last time and come back to the other side. I take my boat to my right side and I change my length. Here. Good I hold my boat. This arms also open so my balls close to me. And from here go ahead and stretch.

Back. Very, very nice stretch. And again back in health threat and excel back. Wonderful in health. Exhale feel the breath is coming to your rib cage and helping you to move in. threat and back and MODIS arms straight.

And let's do this one more time. We go into threat and we come up and I take my bowl bring it in front of me Come on my knees. So if you're ready also come on your knee. As we start to work our arms a little stop here, my ball is just a little bit further than me, okay? So it's not so close to me just a little bit further and my knees are hip width apart my legs, I keep it apart. And I'm holding my ball with my palms under my palms.

Okay, so point, this comfortable position. So he makes sure you're not going forward like this or you're too back somewhere like this should be comfortable, you should stay straight. Okay. So if you're reading from here, I engage my apps and I will slowly roll my book forward, and I will bend my hips and I will make my appropriately totally parallel to flow. Okay, so if you want to watch me first, so I take an inhale and I look forward so my legs are totally stable. America my buddy down, down, down somewhere here, okay, if you want, we can make it more don't feel the stretch.

Okay? Except I come up. Great. So try to keep the hip stable. Try to avoid pushing them back like this. Okay?

So don't do this. So try to keep the legs here totally locked. Okay, so if you want to join me in this video one more time. So here I press my ball as I go forward, forward, my hips are stable. Come back. Wonderful.

Let's do this couple of more times in how I rolled the ball forward, my hips are still in the same position. still rolling a lower my chest down, down and make my back straight. Come up. Okay, let's do slowly. Let's do this twice Martin in here. I roll the ball forward my hips table.

Slowly lower my upper body down. Come up. Great. Wonderful. One more time we go forward. It's table over the chest.

Feel the stretch in your shoulders and arms and come up very slowly. Great. Two more times. Inhale. Roll the ball forward, forward, forward, and I bring my hips stable. Excellent.

Great. One last, big October. I roll my ball forward, my hip stable just a probiotic going tell some words here. And I come back up all the way up. Great. So here in this whole important not move, try to keep the hips as stable as possible.

So if you push the wall ball and while you're keeping the hips back like this, so we are not working the arms adult, okay, we are working the hips and legs so this is not correct. So try to keep here stable and from here, so here is where's Tyler, from here, lava chest girl and also that's how you feel your arms because if you don't feel your arms, it means that your legs are not in correct position. Good. So in the next exercise this time, I will go a little bit forward with my arms and I will lower my body down. So this time I'm not straight. I'm somewhere here and my arms are straight.

Okay, so I have an angle here to my legs are 90 degrees here. My new My legs are straight, just my upper body a little bit bends forward. Okay, and the ball is under your palms here. So no, I keep everything stable, my upper body, my legs and everything. And I just bring the ball towards me as I bend my elbows and exhale, stand the ball forward and stretch down. Okay, so actually, one more time, everything stable.

Bring the bolt worst, my chest, bend my elbows and stretch my legs for wonderful if you're ready to join in, help bring the ball back and forth. So you should feel your arms again here a lot. In her back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth. suppressible will to feel the arms a lot. Okay, forward.

Back and forth. Wonderful. Last two, five more times five. Keep your shape four and three and two and one and take your ball and come back. Good. Stay on your heels for a while to give a break to your shoulders and arms.

And then we will go on our boat with our life. So let's bring the ball a little bit back and slowly bring your hips and chest on a bowl. And from here, we walk forward slowly, slowly, slowly. That so I'm holding my bowl under my hips, over under my hips, okay. And try to lift your belly up so don't drop like this. Okay, so I'm trying to be straight on mumble Okay, so if you remember your standard drop exercise, if not, I will just guide you.

My arms are straight, my shoulders are far from my ears. And from here, I will slowly drop my sternum. Look at my shoulders. go up and up. Okay, so this is the move. So again, one more time, inhale, bring the chest down, my arms are straight, and exhale up.

So the move is just in my shoulder coughs here. And up, keep the legs stable. Down and up. bellies lifted. Up wonderful. last five and four and 321 and stay here.

Let's go to push up. So we will do a partial push Up here. So if you're ready, we take an inhale, bend your elbows lowered, arms down and touched you met. So as we lift the legs up, and exhale, come back. Inhale, slightly roll my bow back to touch my arms on the mat, and lift my legs up. And exhale, push and come back.

Okay, inhale, then the elbows and touch to them at least a little bit up. And exhale up again. Great. So when I'm up, I'm straight. Don't drop your chest. Less, three more times.

Inhale. And exhale, less. Inhale down. Exhale, up. Inhale down. Exhale up last time, down.

And up and slowly roll But slow, test your slow Come on your knees and take your ball and be vocal about forward with our ball. Great. So this time I'm going to put my hips and hips on my ball because I keep a little distance between my ball because I will lay on it. So there are two versions in this mode. Either you can keep your knees on the mat or we can stretch them first I'm going to show First, the knees on the mat version. So from here I put my apps and my hips on the I'm somewhere the ball is somewhere in between my chest and my hips.

Okay, so the first version as you see my knees are on the mat. If you want more challenge, you can stretch this legs forward just like this, and work like this. Okay, so I'm gonna put first and let's see the Arms. So my arms are behind, somewhere near my legs. Okay? We didn't inhale, I slowly bring my arms forward and lift my chest up.

And power. So I'm making circles with my arms. You can try to go down here, touch to your relevant and unleash the chest up and sarka. Okay, and inhale forward and circle the arms, open the chest, feel the stretching your shoulders, and let's go forward, and back. If you want more challenge, stretch this leg forward, and go up and up. Again, let's go this one more time, and we reverse the circle again.

Move your chest as well. Over backstage here, let's reverse that. I'm diving now. I'm back. I'm back. Wonderful.

Forward and back, forward, set your hands on the mat, come on your knees and take your ball. This time I'm going to lay on my back and I put my bed first here and make sure it's here and I place my legs on top of mobile. Okay, so I'm in my sitting position right now. I can send it forward. It's kind of a leg down, like pull up so, but we will only raise the heat to feel the strength in our arms. So turn your palms towards your hips.

Okay, if you have touched shoulders, you Might have difficulties with exercise. So if you cannot take this position, don't worry, maybe just avoid the exercise. Okay? Or you can go ahead and touch. Stay on your forearms. Okay, so this is easier verse.

Let's see the 31st this one. So I press my ball will end with an inhale, lift my hips up, and up and up. If you want more celes you come on your pants can come here will lift the hips up. And so he might, actually should go forward and back a little bit. Okay, so as I'm lift, my bone grows a bit forward. As I come down my welcome.

So keep the shoulders pop on us. Let's go inhale up. Exhale. So, while the keep the arms straight, and we do one more time in half And I felt great and forward. And very slowly to feel the arms inhale and exhale down. Great.

Keep the breath under your shift in health and, and come to a sitting position, relax your wrist. If you have pressure on it, just come and lay on your back, stretch your back. Right, wonderful. And now let's take our ball as we go on, on our back. So I'm going to place my ball here. And so in this exercises you might feel maybe the balance is a little bit issue.

So just to very slowly and next to a wall or mirror, we can also hold and see how you feel comfortable, okay, so if you're ready, let's come on our ball so my legs here a bit further than my hips. Okay, so here I have more than a 90 degrees. All right, and my hips are on the ball. And I was slowly lay down very slowly. Okay, I'll go back. Yeah.

So I'm somewhere in between my hips and back because I'm not sitting so straight up like this so I'm a little bit curved. Okay. So once you find this position, go ahead and bring your arms forward. Okay. Once you feel comfortable from here, I will push myself back, I will roll back and I will back I will bring the ball closer to my feet. Okay, a little bit.

So my hips are kind of After this, bring the arms all the way back. So see my knees have 90 degrees right now. And I circled the arms and come back, push the ball back and come here. Okay, so if you're ready, and if you feel like doing it, go ahead with me. Go back, push the ball forward, bring the arms of its back. So my knees are 90 degrees.

Now, feel the stretch. Enjoy it circled the arms around you and come up. One more time in how we go back. Back, back, back. Open the chest, circle the arms as we come up again. Great.

So one more time, inhale, go back. And it's still circle the arms around you push to go back and to I'm applies to this two more times, inhale back an excess circle. And inhale, come up, Master Blaster, inhale back, pushed forward, both forward and back, circle up. And let's come down Great. So I'm going to take my Download Now, if you want, you don't have to do it, we can do it without them. But if you wish to do it with them both, so it's fine.

Just go ahead and take it with you. So I'm going to place them just next to me. All right. And first, I go and lay on my back. So here, I'm on my shoulder blade, Chris over here, and my head is on the ball. So make sure your head is supported on the ball because otherwise it can be tired.

Okay, so my back is somewhere here. Right here, my hips are lifted and my legs are she would apart. Okay? And I'm not so close like this, so push yourself to have this 90 degrees. Alright, so if you're ready, take your Dumbledore without dumble. Now I slowly bring my arms up.

Okay? So here, make sure you are dropping your shoulders to keep it a bit, just a little bit, lifted your shoulders. Okay, and if you're ready, so let's bring the arms back as I bring my arms back and never my hips fell and touch to my bow. And exhale, bring the hips up and arms up. All right, try to bring it at the same time. So inhale, bring the arms back and load the hips down down to And touch to a bowl as his lower your hips up.

Great. Let's do this price times in her lower the arms down and hips though. Just your ball. And exhale, bring it up. Wonderful. last four, inhale, bring arms down.

Touch your hips down, and up. In health, go down, down, down, down, down. Switch your arms. everything up again. Great. Let's do this three more times.

Inhale, hips down, arms back, touch and up. Great. Last one. Inhale everything down. Touch your hips, and bring the arms up. Stay here.

Keep your hips up. Now let's open the arms to the side. And up. Great, keep both arms in, straight. Okay? So open and up.

Great. Next table open and up. You can also bend your elbows. So here open and up, open and bring them both together. So try to bring them together. One more time.

Don't keep your hips up, arms up and down, though, and or other version. arms are straight going up. And, great. Let's do this three more times three and two, and one and lowered arms and live your Dumbledore Great. So I'm going to leave it down for the moment. Let's make a nice stretch here.

So I push myself back, I roll the world back, stretch my legs and arms, everything stretch, if you can touch to your floor with your arms, enjoy this stretch. Wonderful stretch. And circle the arms around you and bend your knees, bring the ball back. And one more time, back, stretch everything. Stretch your legs and arms. There's a wonderful stretch for your back as well.

Stay here a few seconds and circle the arms around you bend your knees as we come forward. Less to this last time. We go back and stretch touch to the floor, feel the stretch. circle the arms around you and come forward, forward forward. Come and sit on your mat and take your ball away. And let's stretch our arms again.

So come on your knees and we will stretch our arms. So come on, take the ball in the right or left side, open your legs hip width apart. And from here, I press my ball and stretch it back here. Switch my arm. Very nice threat and come up again. Wonderful.

Inhale, push the ball, roll it as crushed arm and back. three more times in health forward threat Up. Last to stretch. Up, try to go on your lateral syscalls stretch for more time. And up and let's change this like wonderful. Take the ball to the other side.

I'm still on my knees, press my bowl here. So I'm not moving my hips, hips are stable. Inhale, stretch to the right side. And exhale, come back. Keep your hips stable. Just the upper body going, right, stretch, and wonderful.

Three more times, inhale and stretch. And come up and stretch. Back. Last time we go, stretch and come up one more time. I think it was so good. And back up again.

And wonderful congratulations. So this is the end of our arms and shoulders workout with people. And try to see which exercises you'd like most as I always say, also you have an option with dumble or without gamble, it's okay. You can choose either way. And maybe try at the beginning to without the wait until you feel comfortable on the ball. And once you feel comfortable, and once you are confident, then you can add some more weight to work our muscles more.

I hope you enjoyed this workout. It's a very nice also the stretch for the back and shoulders that we tend to see all the time or if you're doing a sport running so we always keep our back like it was very nice threats. I personally try to do this kind of exercise every day to feel that my back is back against right. I am so very much I hope you enjoy As well I will see you in the next lecture with another prop

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