Magic Circle

34 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your life's work out with magic circle. So this is my favorite core personality out those legs and hips. I have proposed several exercises for you and we will just start the start. So I will go and lay on my mat first if you wish to watch first and then join me It's fine. I will do some extra repetitions for you. So I go down my back.

Great. So in the first exercise our place my ring in between my knees here. So if you're doing with me just go ahead and place your ring in between your knees. So here to make sure it's comfortable and you're holding well from the past because we will start Is this ring now? Good. And if you find a good position now we've lowered like stone so I'm touching to my math.

So here my pelvis is quite stable and my back is completely on the mat. So avoid having this cure here on your back. Okay, so my next such a little bit wider than my hips because the diameter of the ring is larger. Alright, if you already put your arms down, and let's begin to squeeze the ring. So what an inhale I squeeze the ring and release, squeeze and feel which muscles are working here. We are targeting our inner thighs.

So here you should feel here inside your legs. And squeeze and release. Good. Don't worry if you cannot squeeze so much just to a little booth is also if you can squeeze more, just go ahead and squeeze more Keep your upper body stable. Very nice. Keep those legs engaged and abs engaged last 10 more times 987654321 and they hear great wonderful.

So no less athletic more challenged by lifting our legs up to tabletop position. We will do the same move but just likes are lifted. my upper body stable, my legs are stable here and I squeezed the ring and valise squeeze and release. Great feel again which muscles are working here. This is more challenging and we add more burnt out legs. I'm sure you feel it.

Let's do this 10 more times 987654321 load like sounds great. You should feel the burn already. If not, take your ring and this time we will place the ring in between our ankles here the holders will and we will lift the legs up. Great. If you're ready, we squeeze the ring and same move but in this time, the ring is in between our ankles. Feel again which muscles are working here.

Good in health quiz, exit release Feel the burn most prized for 321 loaded like stuff. Great, wonderful. Just take two seconds break. If your legs are hurting, it misses Good. Now take your ring and placing between your knees again. And this time we will do a similar move.

Alright, so we will squeeze the ring again, but this time I would lift my hips up to the ceiling. So I'm pressing with my mouth with my feet, and I'm not lifted like this. Um, so we're here, okay, my abs are engaged. And I squeeze my ring and release. squeeze and release. Go to can enter your breath.

Take an inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale, keep your hips up. Don't drop Engage your hips well so you feel those muscles are working. Keep your hips up. Keep squeezing with inhale and exhale. Inhale, exhale, wonderful last 5321 and bring your pelvis down.

Great, wonderful. Just stay here and relax. for two seconds before we move to the next exercise. Go take your ring and this time I want you to come and lay on your side. So of course we will do the left leg and then we will switch to the right leg. Good.

So here I'm on my elbow. Okay. We can also broke like this is also on your would lay on our Or if you have a neck problem, you can also go ahead and put your head down like this, whichever position you prefer. Okay? I'm just on my elbow here. Okay.

I take my ring and I placed it just on in inside my like here, just on my ankle. My knees are, once I place it here, I take my other leg and just put a bow here. Okay. And once you feel comfortable here, once you hold Well, the ring, take your arm and place in front of your chest as we start to work the leg. So, keep the ring well and with an Inhale, lower the leg down as you squeeze the ring. And that's the move in hell.

Exhale. Inhale, exhale, good. abs engaged. And my buddy stable just moving to like, throw up. Wonderful though. Don't feel again which muscles are working here.

That's also one of my favorite move and during really helps you to feel those muscles more because we are working against the resistance last five, and four and 321 and great. Now take your ring this time I'm going to place my ring in between my ankle and my hip. So we're here. Okay, make sure you hold it well because we will now squeeze that ring. At least myself my hand in front of my chest and here I am festering endless press Angeles. Inhale and exhale.

Great. So, again here which muscles are working, and I press and release. Good, let's do this 10 more times 10 987654321 and I stay here. This time, what I'm gonna do is I bring my legs forward and back, forward and back. Great. Keep your ring well and don't drop it as we move like forward and back, forward, and back, forward and back, and I stay here take my ring this time, I I'm going to place my ring, image my in between my ankles.

So I placed it, I prefer to place it here in this hand my legs over. So I put my ring here in between my ankles and then I send my legs forward just like this. So here I can move my legs a little bit slower so I can keep my balance better. So here important thing is that we keep our upper body stable again and abs engaged and we will only work with the legs. Okay, you can place your hands on your hips or wherever you want, but make sure to keep the ring in between your feet here. Okay, so if you're ready, now I lower my leg del as I squeeze the ring, and release, down and up.

So this is like your single leg. Single side leg lift with a magic circle to make it more enrollees, press enrollees at your breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, wonderful feel, again which muscles are working. That's very important to do the move very consciously feel and slowly, good as quiz last 54321 and we stay here at this time, we will lift these legs up four of them. Okay, so engage your abs here. Take a strength from your core.

And with an inhale the lift the legs up, and up. And up and down. Use your breath. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. And exhale. Inhale. Next a wonderful was five and 4321 last one and we stay up here and wait 10 seconds 10 98765321 like sound wonderful. This was challenging but we did it well. Great.

So now I'm going to change the position of the circle and I'm going to show you how to do it nicely. So slowly bring your ring a little bit forward and let it touch to the mat. Okay, once it touches to mass will make sure you keep it will release the other leg under the ring. Take it out and back again turn the ring and make the pad touch the metagame take this leg free leg and place it inside during this time So that's a fancy way at motoring. You can also go there and edit directly, but I prefer this way. Great.

So now this time my lower leg is inside the ring, and my upper leg is still outside and I will take it in. Good. So I'm holding the rink from the inner pads. Now, if you already know this, can I lift my upper leg up as I extend the ring, Angeles, up and down, up and down. So there's a little move here, as we cannot extend the ring so much to maximum and feel which muscles are reaching no here. Wonderful.

Make up handle up and add your breath, feel the move English your apps and hips endless five kicking 321 and stay here this time I'm gonna circle my like inside the ring. Very small circle. And I try not to touch to my ring and I circle so the circle will be very small because I don't have much space here and reverse the circle and concentrate just a little you are throwing a little zero here with your toes and stay here up. Now if you're ready to bring this light to your chest and send it forward and then and send in the middle of your ring, bring it to your chest and up, band again and to the middle. We do this 10 times If you're ready to do it with me and to the chest and to the middle, banded and up and it to the middle, we should really start to feel the burn in our legs.

Now, if you are not towards me less of five more, bend your knee and send. This is your part one, last four and last three. And we do one more time. Last one, we stay here, bring the leg up, put it on your ring, and relax for two seconds. You should feel the burn here. hips and legs.

Good. Um, so I'm gonna move my leg a little bit forward and back this time. So, lift this leg a little bit up and I bring this leg forward As further as I can, and make a big circle and bring this light back, oops, without losing your balance and bring it forward, so make it a big circle here. So I'm bringing my leg behind the circle, and, and back and forward. We do this 10 more times now. I bring it forward and back.

We can do it. Don't give up. Stay with me and bring this leg back and forth. inhale, and exhale. Great. We are halfway there.

Let's do this five more times, make as big as possible that circle make it very big and last And we do one more time to forwards and back and stay here and stretch your arms over this stretch, here stretch. And take your life from behind and stretch. Take the pressure out of your leg, because we did a great job on our left leg, and now it's time to turn a switch to work our right leg. Great. So come on, lay on your lips by this time. I'm gonna stay here again on my elbow again.

Great, and I will place my rink in my industry. But I will come a little bit though. So you see me well. I go don't Great. So if you're ready for it, also took this position. I'm going to adjust my ring a little bit.

Let's start to squeeze the rink together and really squeeze in. Good. Wonderful. That feels good to give a little bit break to the other leg. So we have fresh and working with the right leg no good. Let's do this 10 more times here and 987654321 and they take your ring, place between your ankle and hips.

Put it cooperatively. As we squeeze the ring, no, no police. Please no police. Good. Feel again which muscles we are working here. Feel the burn.

Concentrate on the move. Don't forget to breath in and out. 10 more times 987654321 stay here. Let's bring this like forward and back, forward and like very small move. Don't lose the ring. Keep your balance well.

We are doing great. Let's do this three more times. And two and one and bring the legs forward and take your ring and determinable place in between our ankles. Okay, if you can, you can place here in the center legs forward, otherwise You can just place the rink. There, wait. So my legs are ready.

If you're also ready, let's continue. So we squeeze the ring and really squeeze into this good. squeezes will try to focus and keep the same alignment as you squeeze. Don't lose the direction of the ring. Okay, squeeze it well. Keep your abs and hips engaged and squeeze and release.

Great. Let's do this five more times here. 54321 say here, this time, I'm gonna lift this leg up. Find your balance and lift with me. Inhale and exhale. Wonderful.

We are doing absolutely a great job here. Let's do this five more times and we stay up five and four and 321 Last time we stay up 10 seconds 987654321 and over to my sound wonderful. Great. Let's bring our leg down. Now as we turn again we do the past the move, I released my lower leg and turn the ring back and place my feet inside the pad this stuff I take my leg PR Megan places in as well. Come here slowly I lift this leg up and up and feel your hip here and here working.

Wonderful. Kick, kick. Thank you. Here's your breath. Great, wonderful. Let's kick five more times for three.

So, what is they? Now we go to circle. Let's circle back first. Let's do five circles here. And four and 321 and reverse the circle 12345 and six. Okay, let's do 16 here now And I bend my knee towards my chest forward, bring to chest and up this band and to the middle.

And, and up and middle. Let's the form for time and tree. Feel the burning your hips and to and we do one more time here and I stay up and put my leg down and just relax. Great, just relax for two cycles of pain here. And if you're ready to lift this leg up again, okay, this is our last side series. Bring this life for And all the way back in touch, and forward and back and forward.

And back. Great. This is a wonderful exercise because also if you feel you're absolutely working and our legs, absolutely working unless, so this five more times and for her don't give up. We have three more, stay with me. And three, almost there and two and last one here and go back, stay here and touch forward with your right on. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch and thank you lag behind you relieve the pressure in this leg.

Oh my goodness. Oh, good. Great and not take your rank as we lay on our chest. Let's take two seconds break while we move. Our next exercise I'm going to go lay them and this time I will take my ring I work in between. Okay, let's start with the so first I'm going to place my ring between my ankle and my hips.

Okay, and I go down. And from here, you can also stay like this, or you can go ahead and put your head down. I'm gonna stay like this. And from here, I squeeze my rank and release, squeeze and release to abs and hips engaged as we squeeze during wonderful. Let's do this by four times 54321 no mistake here this time we will. Okay let's switch to like course less to the other like, I'm gonna do my right like I'm ready you are as well.

Let's squeeze in really squeeze and release. Wonderful. Let's do this five more times and 4321 and take your ring. This time I'm gonna, we will go and put our head down but before that I just want to show you to move I have a place my ring in between my ankles just so we're here. And once I put my head down, I will squeeze the range. Okay, I'm gonna I will squeeze the ring and release.

Okay, so let's do together. We're good. Now we take our ring and place again between our leg and hit. And this time I'm gonna miss my like up and down. Wonderful three and I'm going to put on right like this time. Wonderful.

Let's list the right leg up. Keeping engaged. Stay here. Take your ring Relax for two seconds before we move to our standing like workout if you are ready, so let's continue with the standing like work out. I'm going to place my ring in between my ankles here. All right, and if you feel comfortable, my balance you can also hold up from somewhere so you can do this workout, close the wall or a mirror so you can work to life more balanced.

Okay, so now my balance, my weight is in my legs, okay. And what I want is to switch my weight to my right leg as I lift my left leg up. Okay, so I'm gonna hold from the mirror as well. So this is the position will take so I can work with this leg now. Now please my hands on my wrist. ring and release.

So I bring this like closer to the standing wall and open. Okay? So engage your apps. And very simple more high, keep looking forward, and I squeeze the ring and release. Good. He can also place your hand on your risk, if you wish.

As good if you feel comfortable, no less to this 10 times more 987654324 and I stay here and I do the other side so I'm gonna get them closer to here. This time I put my weight on my left leg as I release my right leg. Okay, they can hold come somewhere. And if you're ready, we squeeze the luck and release Squeeze and feel which muscles are working here as we squeeze the ring. Good. It's a nice move and needs a lot of concentration as well if you don't want to hold from somewhere especially, and squeeze and release can also add your breath.

Let's do this five more times 4321 and put your feet down great. This time I'm gonna bring the rink in between my legs but this time my left leg is in front and my weight is on my right leg. So this leg is tending okay. And I would like to place my pad again so if you also feel like replacing your room, go ahead and once we have a comfortable position. This time I'm going to press the ring or backwards and release, squeeze and release. Just my ring and my legs are different located.

Press infoline very easy. Let's do this five more times. So you can do this as much as you want as long as you need, you can increase these repetitions always and less three to one and stay here. So this time I'm going to put my left leg on the map and I put my weight also to this leg so I can release my right leg up. Okay, I want to also place my ring again here. Good.

So my right leg now is released. And I'm going to press my ring with my right leg now so press and really good. So we Working, struggling but different muscles in our legs. Now we are focusing more more on our quadriceps on our right leg. So keep pressing with me. If you enjoy more, you can increase the repetitions.

But for now, let's do this five more times 4321 as they go, now let's switch the leg. This time I'm gonna bring my right leg forward and my left leg will be standing right and then we'll stay behind. Good. Oh, that's my position. I put my weight on my left leg and I release my right leg and I press and release. Press and release.

Press and release. To this. Alright, five times 54321. And so here one thing I want to remind you, make sure you don't bend your knees like this. This is wrong. So keep it straight.

Okay, let's put our voice on our right leg and we continue. So same thing. Don't bend your knee. Anybody wants to try to bend you, I think you can lose the circle. So try to keep your legs straight as the press and release. Press and release wonderful.

Lesson this former times 321 and really great looking leave magic circle. So this is the end of your life. Work out with magic circle. I hope you enjoyed it. You feel like repeating some exercises more just go ahead and repeat more, or some of them if you want to do with less is also fine. Just pick up those that you like you enjoy most and try to make your workouts also fun.

It shouldn't be boring. So I hope you enjoy the game and in the next lecture with another problem

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