Mini Ball

18 minutes
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Hello again and welcome to your arms and shoulders workout with mini ball. So I have prepared several exercises for this workout. If you're ready, get your ball and we start. So first I'm gonna go on my knees. So we will start on our old force. Alright, so I'm gonna place my ball in between my knees just here, okay for the moment.

So make sure here at the bone not so don't let this make sure that is not touching too much. So bring it a little bit up somewhere here. Okay, and hold it well. Good. Legs low, I will go ahead and put my arms on the mess. So my hands are The same level than my shoulders.

And my and I have a nice 90 degrees here in my hip. So if you are like this back at work come forward and if you're like this is also not good, so just stay somewhere here. Okay? What I'm gonna do is that I will tuck my toast. Okay? So once I check my toes, it will help me to lift my knees a little bit up from the mat.

So biddin inhale, engage my abs, and I lift my knees up slightly. And so here I'm touching to my method. I'm not completely releasing all my buddy da Ok, so we took together, inhale, slight lift the knees up, and loaded his Bell, just touch a little bit, and I'm gonna get up, keep ups engaged, and up till Up, though, up postmortems though. And I'm actually here we are working everything. Yeah. Even the app and arms.

Last three, so long and touch your knees. Great, wonderful. So, this time, keep your phone still. And this time, I'm going to work only when my knees lifted. Okay. So with an inhale, I lift my knees up.

So once I'm lifted, I bring my right knee towards my left leg and lower. And up at the minute rotation here, and up. Don't go up, just here. And so brings it opposite me to the opposite arm. Let's do this three sets and You want and to keep touching, opposite. And last one for more time and knees down quick.

So this really helps to work the apps as well at the same time. Great. Now come on your arms and bring your legs a little bit back this time. Okay, and put your hands. So I'm somewhere here. And from here, what I'm going to do is first tuck my toes and I engage my app will and I will slowly go to my plank position.

And then I will come bring my knees down. So bring the legs knees up, go to your plank. And we do this arbitrary time so if you're ready, take a position and in health Liston is up, and we're slow. Two more times. Lifting is up now, plank. And don't we do this one more time Feel the burn with less gun up.

Come and go on your sit on your back. You're ready Come and lay on your chest. Before we move to our exercises in this position, great first exercise. I want to take your ball and place somewhere here just under your chest and we will put our weight on it so feel and find a comfortable position. If you did, just comb your forearms, now, you can relax the legs. Wonderful.

So here avoid bringing your shoulders up. Let's keep them down. So your neck neck is long. And from here, I will not put my weight of my chest on the ball and I release my arms up just like this. Okay? If your point is position, so here, keep your elbows high, don't drop them like this, keep them high.

So we will bring the arms forward. And again back. I will just go a little bit back to keep your position as we bring the arms forward and back few and forwards to bring it as much as you can back and forth. abs and hips also to reduce the stress on your lower back. Make sure you don't hurt your lower back, bring the elbows back and forward. Let's do this 10 times.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can do less or just avoid this exercise. And eight, seven, feel the shoulders and arms for three. Keep looking forward, and two and one and stay here. Put your arms come on your chest, take your breath and just play in the same alignment in your head. So I'm going to keep my ball here for the moment. What we will do is kind of one if you like to watch first, so I'm going to put my wrist on the ball here.

Okay, so it's very nice. Swan swan. So, Mitch is just telling my story. So I'm not lifting my head here like this, or not rotating. Just I'm looking forward. Okay?

And from my wrists. I'm keeping my balls Well, alright. And here, engage your hips and abs. Again not to have pain in your lower back, please. And no. I take an inhale and drink the rose my chest, I roll it towards my chest and lift my chest up as I roll the ball back.

And I take the ball under my pops. So I'm worse. I'm somewhere here. From here. I will be back and bring my good so this is your move. Future reduce the range of moods if you have back pain, okay?

So don't force yourself. So I'm going to do just that. Let's say I will not lift myself, my chest for high up, okay? So if you're ready to take it inhale and willing to roll the ball back. So you can also stay here, it's fine. Okay?

If you can, you can grab more, but don't push yourself. Don't hurt yourself. And we go down. Great. Field, stretch or do you feel the stretch here? Okay, good.

To be back, back and lift the chest up and forward again. Put the ball back and lift the chest up. here and roll down. Go through it very slow, with control. Go back and forward, back and back, up, up, up and forward. Come on.

Take your boat as we move to the next exercise, exercise my flex women, but we add a bit of fun with the ball. So we have to keep our legs our legs, not moving hips. engaged, and I lift my chest up, I bring my arms up. This is my starting position. From here, I take an inhale, and then bring the bowl, slip it around me on my back. I catch the ball here and bring forward with my other.

And just like this, bring back and forth. If you're ready to do with me, bring back and forward. So here, keep your chest lifted, all the time. Good. noise, nice mobility for the shoulders. Let's do one more time.

Then we switch to the other side. So from here from left to the back, and right, to forward, left, back, and right forward, keep looking forward. And let's do this two more times. One There's one more time and say here. Come let's do. Let's come on over.

Okay, so let's go. I'm gonna first like a mermaid. I want you to put bended knee and put it just here and the other leg is also bandit. Okay? And if you take the sky view and people do nice, very nice stretchy will love it. So I placed my boss over here, not the foreigners for clothes because we will roll it forward.

I'm back and I placed my palm on it. Okay. So from here, concentrate Well, okay, so I'm also not forgetting this arm back forward as I bring my chest closer to ball, and I bring this arm and stretch and come up. Yes, that's the move. You can reduce the range of mo here if you don't want to go slow down. Okay, for the try with me take the ball for favors was coming to your forearm.

Take this arm and stretch. You can also stop here, if you wish, or you can go more if you want more stretch. And come up. Good. Let's do this two more times. And stretch those arms and come on.

Lhasa, I go to my side, roll the ball and stretch. And come up. Wonderful. Let's crush the other side. So I'm going to place my legs again, come a little bit more, and I place my bed, somewhere between my knee and hip here. Place my palm on it.

I take this arm. I'm ready to roll. A roll the ball, I bring my torso doll and bring this up and stretch. wonderful rest of the three more times. Go down. He can also stay here and stretch and come up.

Good. Two more tips. Roll, roll, roll. Right, good. Very nice threat and come up. We do this one more time.

Forward. As we roll, don't bring the arm don't come up. Wonderful. Let's come and sit. No. here and let's do some advances.

So take your both famous person and then some he was frustrated forward and back, forward, back, wonderful. Forward and back, bring the arms up, stretch up, up, up, re up and lower the arms down again. Now open your arms and we will despite Ben, so take the ball on your right or left hand. whichever hand you're holding the ball, the opposite side, we bend. We touch the floor and our Bow and stretch with the ball towards the other. So here you can keep your arm straight to stretch to stretch, more stretch, and come up, bring it in the middle, open the other arm and we stretch to the side.

Keep this arm straight for the scar from ears and come again, switch and stretch. One more time stretch. Very good. Another slides threats. I don't know if you like it, but I love it and to the other side and stretch to the other side. Wonderful.

Come up to the middle and we move to the pole if you remember so. So I'm going to take my ball on my right hands open my arms good and From here, I keep my arms up, actually, I'm gonna come over here, I keep my arms off, I don't drop them. They're up here. I rotate my upper body. So I'm gonna bring my bed to my leg. As I watch my other head, and I come up, I'm still rotated, and turn and take the bear to the other head.

And repeat for take the torso. Go down. Look at the other hand, stretch, stretch, stretch, and come up. Take the belt. And one more time for take the torso. Keep your legs stable, and go.

Don't look at the opposite head. Come up, rotate, switch the nice mobility for the shoulders turn. As we go. Don't look at the opposite hand stretch, stretch, stretch. Come up and take a ball in the middle and bring it down so we relax the shoulders of the shield who they had big pressure. So I call them a little bit.

Let's do two more times, but with more time, stretch forward and back. Keep your shoulders though. And back. Wonderful. and back and back. Bring it up again, rich, rich, rich, wonderful economics and look up.

Relax the shoulders and your neck and your arm. Wonderful. So this is the end of your arms workout with minimal You can see which exercises you like the most and repeat them more. You can also adjust the repetitions as you like. So, I hope you enjoyed this lecture. And I will see you in the next lecture with another prop

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