Equipments You Need in This Course

13 minutes
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In this video, I would like to introduce you to a post that people use in this course. And I suggest you watch till the end, especially if you haven't bought your equipment. Even if you have your equipment still, I will give some tips on how to choose the right equipment for your body type. So let's see. Let's start with our first crop. It's our mini ball.

So it's made up of lettuce or rubber kind of material with a different texture. And if you notice, actually I haven't inflated the ball complete if I leave a little bit of air. So let's say to make the exercises a bit easier, because it is so inflated and at the maximum level. Sometimes it can be difficult but I suggest them I prefer to keep the ball a bit like this. There's no specific size. But if you if you don't have Ron, you can just go to the store and you will find a lattice ball or can be also under a different name.

Even at home, maybe your kids have kind of ball, I guess it can do the job for a while but if you want to have one for your own, so you can just look for a pluckers Mini ball in the shops. It's pretty easy to carry as well, because there is this pin here so you can easily play it and place the ball and you can just put in your bag and bring with you wherever you want. It's one of my favorites. Props mini ball, because I also use it for for my back pain sometimes when I wake up, just a small mustache for my back. So I really liked this prop. You will see how they use it in this course.

So I'm going to leave it here Our second track is magic circles. I should run off my papers, classes props because it is so effective and it helps you to work out those muscles and really feel them a lot. And actually, this is this tool. It's also called flatus ring or magic circle or circle which is eat with different names. This is one of the creations of Joseph flutters the creator of clackers method as well. Basically this is a metal ring which is covered with a rapper and also two sides.

You see there are two paths to help us when we do the do the exercises one place in different parts of our body so it's softer feeling we have so it's easy to use. This is about 16 inch and I know that there's also a smaller version available, but I prefer to grew up with this. It also has different strengths, I believe, only two and this is the common mom and you can also find a lighter what's likely which comes usually without the rubber use the only the metal. These are a bit lighter but I prefer to work with this. I suggest you to go to the shop and try whichever you like and before you buy, it also has a lot of colors. Unfortunately it was not available in the shop by both but you can also add some fun by choosing different colors that you like.

So that's all about our magic circles. So I'm going to play it like this. And our next props are resistors pants. Okay, I have to share today. So they are also called elastic bands or resistant bands or flex bands, different names. Usually they are made of rubber or lettuce kind of material.

Birth flexible, and normally it comes with two different threads. So in my workouts are used to, so this is the Whitehall and this is a medium one, and there's also stronger, heavier walk. If you prefer to have a heavier one you can also get for your own. If you're a beginner, I would suggest to use a lighter than to start with which this is my life turbo. And if you feel comfortable, you can also try the medium or harder one, there's no problem. And just make sure before you buy, make sure that it's long enough, especially for leg and arm workouts.

So that the band is flexible enough and suitable for your hearts. As you see here, for example, this band I have here, it's shorter. You see, this one's much longer and this is shorter. So I use it usually for my arms because it's more stronger. And when I do the arm work I don't like for long bent so I just bought a small, shorter walk. It's again, super, super, super light proc that you can just roll and put in your bag and bring wherever you want.

And actually, you will see during the workout, how effective are those props are, especially if you haven't worked out for quite a long time. Let's say once you start to use those props, you will see the day after how so you feel as if you go to a gym. So I really liked them for any kind of workout, especially the arms, leg, abs, I really enjoy using those two bands. Thing is ok so if you choose to use a right fence for You can say okay, from my arms I prefer my talk. But you can also try for example in media walk for your legs and apps. If you want to challenge yourself more so there is not a rule that we should use this strength in this area law you have to live it, see how you feel, and you can adjust depending on how you feel.

Alright, so the next product is our football is also called a Swiss ball or fitness ball or platters ball however you want to call it. So it's actually quite popular trope that you might be coming here from different people's workouts or videos. It was a great prop because it's really challenged your body. Keep the balance. So you will see during the exercise We do we will sit on it. And when we sit on the heart purpose of course, it's easier to keep your balance.

And we are working certain muscles when we work on a heart platform. But when you work on an unstable platform or softer, something that is not stable, we will activate more muscle to keep our balance and control briefly so this is also made of kind of rubber and like this kind of material. And it comes with different sizes. So there are four sizes available, maybe more but quality common sizes. And if you don't have your bowl yet, you should choose based on your height, and weight. So the primary thing that we look while we choose our fall is our height.

So let's say I will share with you the chart of hate and the past Off the Wall, here in my workout Are you 65 centimeter bowl because I'm 170 and this bowl is treatable for me. So basically, when you choose the ball, not only the head is important, but also your weight because he's the proportion of your weight and hate is not. Let's say in a regular range, you might experience that. Even if you are, let's say, less than 170 the size of the ball may need to be increased if you're overweight. Why because when there is a higher pressure, heavy pressure on the bowl, then this the shape of the bowl will change. So if you get a bigger bowl, then it will be more stable for you.

So it's also different textures different so if you have already won at home you will see so it's artists literally When we do the exercises it's important to have a bowl that is not for like they have a slippery surface. So, usually you see those lines so and different texture. So, this is to avoid an accident or to make you feel more comfortable on the ball. So, when you choose your ball, one thing important I would like to mention is that for example, okay so how am I going to choose the correct path for me? So, one of the indications that we can see to choose our bowl is that for when we see some because some of the exercise we will be sitting on our goal. So when you sit on your bowl, okay.

So your knees should be should have 90 degrees here, okay? So if your legs are saying like this, when you own the ball, then you should probably need a bigger, more So my speech should be on the floor equally and my knees here having 90 degrees angle, okay? And if your weight is more in proportion in comparison to your head, you might experience that the ball is more going down, right so in this case, even the ball size is correct for your head and you might like to choose a bigger ball to keep you more higher. Okay? And another important thing, how much air we put on our boat so here Okay, I'm gonna stay here so I didn't put so much air the maximum air in my bowl and see the surface so it's you see it's pressed and the soft face that touch to my maths is quite wide.

Okay, so And what it means for us is that so if you put so much weight on your ear or your bowl, so this, the surface area that is touching your mat will decrease. So it's a challenge to Moscow more actually. And in some exercises, you might feel more difficult because it's very unstable but if you put less air than the maximum capacity, it will be easier to do the exercises because the surface that touch the floor will be wider. Okay, so it will be easier but of course, maybe some exercises will be less effective. But if you're a beginner after this, you look to put so much air in the ball and just leave a little bit of room to let the ball be more flexible. Okay, so this is important another Part of thing is that for your bought me the slate we didn't have time for let's say if you don't use it for weeks, which I don't hope that you will not.

So by by the time the air can go out so just make sure before you do your workouts to check your bowl is in a good condition and also check the team if it's well placed. So just to be safe. Okay, so these are the important things. I like the ball because it's it can be really challenging some exercises and you will see the workout as well. And that's all that these are the pupils that we will use for the moment in this course. Don't rush to buy your equals this quarter shop and try them feel and see if you like it.

But of course, you also have to pay attention to the right size right with you and so I hope you find This video you saw before you buy it, you're a couple. I'm looking forward you in the class after you get there and see you in the next lecture.

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