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Introduction to the course and Instructor intro.


Hello and welcome to master depreciation accounting course using pro depreciation template in Microsoft Excel. This will be a hands on course on accounting of depreciation. This is Prashant, and I'll be your instructor in the course. If you're watching this video, I'm very much sure that you're heard about word appreciation in your life. People also use term amortization which is not the same as depreciation. I will explain you the difference between these two terms in next section of this course.

Full disclosure this course does not cover advanced concepts for depreciation and fixed assets accounting in specialized industries or depreciation is treated and accounted differently. The term depreciation is familiar to you because you have own an asset. You file tax returns regularly. You own a business where you have a fixed assets in any form. You might have heard on news debate, especially in financial news of financial newspaper. You are in a investor you are reading financial statements of your prospective investment in any corporation or form which owns massive assets and there is a depreciation charge in their financial statements or you are an accountant or finance professional just like me.

What you will learn from the course, hands on knowledge on terms like depreciation fixed assets, two types of fixed assets, accumulated depreciation, written down value, that book value and what is amortization. How depreciation accounting works in general, how to forecast and budget depreciation cost for future periods, especially budget and forecast exercise or business deriving accurate profit and loss on disposal of fixed assets especially when there is a premature sale of assets. Lastly, general overview of practical accounting journal entries and bookkeeping for normal appreciation monthly yearly in case of premature sale of assets, and closing off your fixed asset general ledger, profit or loss on sale disposal of fixed assets. I'll be using a robust depreciation calculation template using straight line method which I have prepared from scratch. Also, you will get a free copy of this template. I'll be using state 10 method of repetition during intercourse.

But don't worry, I'll be also explaining you different methods of appreciation and what are the main differences among all of them. about myself, I'm a professional accountant with more than a decade of experience in finance, managerial accounting, auditing, commercial and formulation functions and finance and business modeling. Throughout my career, I automated many manual and routine tasks with the help of advanced formulas and functions. Excel VBA pivot tables, Power Query and Power Pivot have solved many complex business issues. Problems with the help of what if analysis tools like solver gold seek scenario manager and data tables. I'm an Excel enthusiast and I'm always trying to decode mysteries hidden inside walls best special application, Microsoft Excel.

So let's start our journey and master deposition accounting with Microsoft Excel.

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