Minimum requirements before taking the course

1 minutes
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What you need to know before taking this course you need to basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel file I'll be working with already created product which is an Excel template. The template does uses the extensive necessary functions, date functions, custom functions, Excel VBA, and excel tables. Since you're going to get a free copy of this template, you need not to do all these functions and VBA at all the templates prepared with lot of efforts and is error proof while taking care of all practical scenarios in deposition calculation. You need to have a basic 20 million knowledge of accounting that means you have worked as accountant or dealt with accounting entries in your life before you should have a basic knowledge or double entry accounting system that is you're familiar with terms like debit, credit, expenditure, income, profit and loss and balance sheet. Of course you need to know basics about depreciation accounting as well.

But if you don't know this course will also cover that aspects of the position accounting so So let's get on with the course.

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