Multiple fields in row, column or data section

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Before beginning to select the fields for the pivot table, we need to understand what is our final goal that is, what do we want to analyze from this data? For our first example, let us try to find out how many months has each male and female employee served. That is, we want to find out the number of months served, and how many male employees have So, those many months and how many female employees have served those many months. For that, we would have to select the fields from this list. So, we will take the service period total months old in rows that is on the left hand side of the table gender in columns Because we want to find out how many female employees have served zero months mean employees have served zero months, and so on so forth for each of these. And now we'll take employee code because you want to find out how many of them are there in each of these years.

But when I directly select the employee code and drag it to some of value section in the pivot table, I can see that Excel has added that is summed all the employee codes, but I don't want that. I want Excel to give me a count. For that, I would click this arrow go to value field Settings, select count, and click on OK So now I have the output as follows. There are two female employees who have served one month. There are five male employees who have served leaven months of service and to female employees who have served 11 months of service.

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