Creating a Loan Calculator-2

Basic Microsoft Excel Course Creating a Loan Calculator
8 minutes
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Objective. By the end of this activity, you should be able to explain how to insert rows. Remove gridlines insert pictures, enter and Format Data, use shapes, insert symbols, use formulas, create charts. Let's now learn inserting rows. To do so select the row, then click on Insert. Then click on Insert sheet rows.

Notice the change now you can format the rows as required. Let's now learn removing grid lines. To do so, click the View tab. Click on grid lines. Let's now learn inserting pictures. To do so click the Insert tab.

Then click on pictures. The insert picture window is displayed on your screen, browse the folder, then click on suitable picture and then click on thing so just selected picture has been inserted Now drag to position the image suitably. Now click the cell Now drag it to suitable position. Similarly, you can insert other images. Let's now learn entering other data. You can repeat the same process for entering data as we did earlier.

Then click on shapes and then select a suitable shape Now track two brothers. Let's now learn enhancing sheep. To do so click on Save. Then click on more colors. The colors window is displayed on your screen, select suitable color and then click on OK. Now click on shape outline and then click on no outline. Nope is the change.

Similarly, you can insert other shapes. Now we will learn inserting symbols. To do so click on cell then click on number format. The format cells window is displayed on your screen. Click on currency then click on decimal places. Next, click on symbol drop down Scroll to view the appropriate symbol and then select English United States and then click on OK. Notice the change.

We will now learn to use formula for the same, select the cell. Then enter the formula in the formula bar and then select the interest rate. You will need to convert the annual rate to a monthly rate by dividing the value in cell 21 by 12. So type by 12 and select lone tenure cell. After selecting the cell, insert a comma. Now at last select the cell containing loan amount And then press Enter key on the keyboard.

Now let's type new formula in the cell E 24. You can see a formula suggestion list as you start typing. Select c u m IP empty from the formula suggestion list. Click into cell containing interest rate. as we did earlier, we need to convert the annual rate to a monthly rate. So, type pipeline and then select the cell containing loan tenure.

Then type multiplied by 12 and select cell having the loan amount value like one and then select the cell containing loan tenure. Type the remaining formula and press ENTER key on the keyboard Now let's insert the total payment. To do so, click AutoSum from editing group and click sum. Select the required cells. Then press ENTER key on the keyboard. You can see the total payment amount has been calculated as desired.

Scroll down to see the other cell containing formula. Notice the change let's now learn inserting pie chart. To do so, click the cell then press ctrl key and then select the cell. Repeat the same process. Now you can insert tab click on Insert file and then select suitable file. Now skim the pie chart as per the requirement and then drag to position the pie chart suitably.

Now we will learn to change the pie chart style. To do so, click Add chart element. Then click on legend. Then click on suitable option. Notice the change let's now learn formatting a pie chart. To do so, click the shape fill.

Then click on more colors. The colors window is displayed on your screen. Select suitable color, then click on OK. Now click the text then click on text and then click on suitable color. The required name. Now press Escape key on the keyboard. Click on Home tab.

Then click on bold. enhance the other text as per requirement. Then click on Design tab. Then click Add chart element. Click the data labels. Then select center.

Click the Format tab, click on shape and then select double color. Now you can track the shape as required. Somebody who have completed the activity. You are now able to insert rows. Remove grid lines, insert pictures, enter and Format Data. Use shapes, insert symbols, use formulas, create charts.

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