Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis - part 1

4 minutes
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Less than four let's get started chapter 12 bone diseases, we will start with langerhans cell history cytosis forms, acute disseminated form which is the most severe form is known as literacy we disease. Now how can we relate illiteracy to langerhans cell has to psychosis and also know that it is the most severe form. Let's see. Let's start by looking at langerhans cell has to cytosis. Now, the first part of langerhans is Langer, we are going to invent a new French word which is anger, which means the anger Okay, anger when you're angry. Okay.

Moving on to literary CV, the first part of literature is letter. write the letter that you write to anyone and CV is the first part of suicide. So litter is letter and CV is suicide. If we combine these two words together, we will get letter of suicide. Now, when would someone write a letter of suicide? They wouldn't write a letter of suicide when they are in the most severe form of the anger or anger.

Okay. So let's see we flutter of suicide, when would you write a letter of suicide? When you are in the most severe form? That's how we know that it is the most severe form of the anger which is langerhans battle has a psychosis. Okay. There is another way of remembering it by looking at a limited CV and taking the whole first word literature.

Okay. It sounds like elicited the person who litters or something throws garbage everywhere. Okay, so what happens to you when you see a lizard if you get into the most severe form of anger, you become super angry. Okay, this is another way of remembering that little C we disease is the most severe form of langerhans cell is to cytosis. Okay, let's look at the features of this disease. It affects young children.

Here's how we can remember this. As we said, The method stands for literate. Now who litters? The most? Of course, children, children just throw everything everywhere, anywhere. They litter a lot and you have to keep running after them collecting stuff.

Okay, so the method is literally who litters? The most Children. So that's how we know that the theatre suey disease is a disease of children. Another feature is that it is frequently fatal. If you notice, we have already mentioned this, how literary TV, we started that CV stands for suicide. Okay?

Suicide, of course is faith though. All right, so let's wrap up all these mnemonics. Literacy we letter of suicide, when would you write a letter of suicide, and you're in the most severe form of langerhans. So, this is one way of remembering that literacy is the most severe form of langerhans cell has to cytosis. Another way that we mentioned is limited CV, literate equals literate, the person who litters a lot. And what happens to you when you see elicited he gets into the most serious form of anger or langerhans and CP equals suicide.

Suicide is fatal. That's how we know that literacy is a fatal disease and who litters the most children. That's how we know that it occurs in children.

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