Craniofacial Dyostosis (Crouzen's Syndrome)

4 minutes
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The fifth disorder, cranial facial disassociate cruzan syndrome. Let's look at the clinical signs and symptoms of the syndrome. It has cranial malformations such as break is a fairly short head, the second is calf as a family both shaped head and the third is trigonal safale which is triangle shaped head. Now how can we know which is which? Which is triangle which has both which is brachii. And how can we relate all of this to the name?

Cruising Now, let's look at cruising. Let's look exactly at the part of cruise cruise sounds like a cruise, which is this fancy boat that we would all like to take A trip in one day, right? So, cruises a boat and boat in Latin means it's Kapha and that is where the word is capitals the valley comes from. So, cruise, as you can see is also triangular, it has a triangular sort of tip and this is how we know that cruising syndrome also consists of trigger no safale trigger now is easy. It is very clear that it means triangular. So, in this slide we knew that cruzan means cruise Cruise is a boat and boat equals castles the family and cruise has a triangular tip as the image here This means that cruzan is also related to trigger no safale Okay.

Now, the third part is the short end, how can we remember that cruisin also has a characteristic of short Ted. Now Cruz in the Zen part, I want you to imagine or hypothesize that it stands for something small. Okay? So for example, if I say a book then it means a small book. cruisin means a mini cruise or a short cruise, which is a short hands. Moving on to the second part of cruising syndrome, clinical signs and symptoms and cruising syndrome, the magdala is underdeveloped, resulting in a mid face hyperplasia.

Okay. So how can we remember that, again, moving back to cruisin Cruise meaning a big nice fancy boat like this. Now, how is this related to the maxilla and mandible, you can see here that the top part of the cruise marked with a red line is actually slanted backwards or you can say that it is underdeveloped in relation to the lower part which is really going forward and it's much you know, bigger we can say that. So here are the magdala is the red line and the mandible is the blue line or the blue lines. So here the maxilla is backward, it is underdeveloped, and the mandible is forwards in relation to the maxilla. Now here we're not talking about the mandible I would like to remind you, we're talking about the maxilla being underdeveloped okay.

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