Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor (AOT)

3 minutes
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To identify targeted antigenic tumor, a ot clinical features commonly affects young adults 10 to 20 years old. How can we remember this? Now a ot which is the abbreviation for adenoma toyed with antigenic tumor. If we were to pronounce the OT as one word we would pronounce it as out. Okay. Now who is always out outside having fun hanging out with their friends?

Of course young adults especially teenagers are always outside having fun. So adenoma sided antigenic tumor out who's always out young adults especially teenagers are always out. And other clinical feature is that it is most common in anterior maxilla. Here's how we can remember this. Now, as we said, The nematode antigenic tumor is abbreviated as a ot Which is out. Now out means obvious if something is out and not m it means that it is obvious.

Now which area of the mouth is most out or obvious? Of course the answer is the emptier your mind. So 80 out which area of the mouth is most out the interior maxilla radiographically uni lock killer well courts located regularly and see sometimes flecks of radio capacity are seen known as snow flakes. So we want to remember that it is uni lock color and that it can have snowflakes. Let's see how we can remember that. Now unique lucky color unique here stands for university and lock stands for location.

Okay, so University location. Now, this is you, you are out searching for your uni lock because it is snowing. Okay, this story summarizes the radiographic appearance out which is a Iot searching for your uni log which is uni lock killer University location because it is knowing snowflakes, okay? histopathology crystalline calcification may be seen among yourselves. This is pretty easy. So continuing from the snowing story, the snowflakes that we saw in the radiograph are actually the same crystals that we see under the microscope.

Okay, so snowflakes are actually crystals as you can see in this image. So you are out searching for your uni log because it is snowing snowflakes. snowflakes equal crystals under the microscope

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