Squamous Papilloma

3 minutes
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Chapter 16 broken and factory lesions, screamers papilloma. Definition of benign epithelial lesion related to human papilloma virus, five, six and 11. How can we remember these two types? Now papilloma. If we take the pee and flip it upside down, we would get the number six. And the double l looks just like an 11.

So just by looking at the word papilloma, you would know that it is caused by human papilloma virus six from the P and 11 from the double clinical features painless softwood uncompleted lesion with a cauliflower like surface very quiet. How can you remember that cauliflower like surface belongs to squamous papilloma? Here's how papilloma happy men. Dad, okay or my father. Now, what does my father like to eat? He likes to eat cauliflower.

Okay, so poppy likes cauliflower. Now histopathology the upper layer of epithelial cells have big notic darkened or shrunk nuclei surrounded by a clear zone. These are characteristics of what is known as quite low side Excel. Here we want to remember two things that Carlos Hyde excels appear in the histopathology of disclaimers step Loma. And that cordless side excels have darkened nuclei surrounded by a clear zone. So let's see how we can remember these two things.

Now coil site coil here is a coil, Pyro coil we all know where would you find a coil? You will find it in a light bulb. Okay. So we're going to assume that coil equals light bulb directly. Now what does the light bulb or the coil look like? It has a dark nucleus or Center, which is the dark coil and it is surrounded by a clear empty zone.

Okay, so this is how we know that coil side coil equals light bulb. And the light bulb has the dark nucleus surrounded by a clear zone. Now, if this light bulb blew out or burnt out, who would usually fix that? Pappy fixes coils or light bulbs? Okay. This is how we know that.

Coil is heights. coils are found in papilloma. Okay, so, Pappy fixes, coils coil equals light bulb as we said, and the light bulb or the coil how Dark nucleus surrounded by a clear zone that is easy and simple right. Now corner sites are thought to indicate viral infection. How can we remember this? coil site again as we said coil is coil.

Now the coil is spiral, as we know, spiral sounds like Veyron. So, coil coil spiral Veyron, alright.

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