Neurofibromatosis Type I (Von Recklinghausen’s Disease)

1 minutes
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Three neurofibromatosis type one, Bond bricklaying houses disease, inheritance pattern, auto zomo dominance syndrome affecting chromosome 17 with cutaneous manifestations, clinical features, presents with Cafe Au Lait spots. How can we remember cafe la with chromosome 17? And all the other details? Let's see. Now, Vaughn weakling Hoskins. Vaughn here stands for very and reckling stands for reckless.

So one recoiling, Hoskins is very reckless. Someone who is very reckless. Now, what's the story about this very reckless one. There is a very reckless one who is 17 years old and has an euro problems because he drinks too much coffee. You know how too much coffee can make you very nervous and mess up. With the nerves so there is a very reckless one very reckless is one weakling husbands.

One stands for type one. So we know it's somethings type one, who is 17 years old, which is chromosome 17 has a neuro problems which is in your fiber mitosis and from the one we know it's type one, because he drinks too much coffee, which means cafe, au lait spots. So one weakling husbands is very reckless. There's a very reckless one type one, who is 17 years old chromosome 17 and has an euro problems neurofibromatosis because he drinks too much coffee Cafe Au Lait spots. This summarizes the whole story of fun McLean Hoskins and neurofibromatosis type one

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