Supernumerary Teeth

3 minutes
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Moving on to the final chapter of this week, developmental alteration and the number of teeth. We will start with the supernumerary teeth and this will be actually the only disorder in this chapter. Super supernumerary teeth can be caused by so many things. One of the causes could be syndromes. These syndromes can include Gardner syndrome, and you also hypertrophy and Curtis. Now, these are three syndromes that can't go supernumerary.

It seems totally and super unrelated to supernumerary teeth. But we will relate them in just a second. Here is how. Let's start with the first one which is gardener. Now gardener sounds exactly like gardener. Which is this guy.

That has access to all these fresh veggies and fruits. Right in his garden right in his form. They smell great. They look great. And what would this gardener do with all these veggies and fruits? He would eat them and to eat them.

You will need lots of teeth. Yes, you guessed it. Okay, so, gardener equal gardener, gardener, fruits, veggies. Eat them. Lots of teeth. supernumerary teeth.

Second one is angio osteo hypertrophy. Now, there are two ways to remember this. Either by looking at the hypertrophy, which is clear as the sun, it means supernumerary Or another way that you can work around. This is As you asked to hypertrophy, and you being a geo us to the bone, had some different geography it traveled and went to the teeth, and it formed some extra teeth. So it's a geo osteo hyper trophy. It's not a normal osteo hypertrophy, it's a geo it, the bone has moved and formed some extra teeth.

I know it's a bit funny, it's a bit weird, but you will remember that in your next exam because it's feared. Moving on to the third one, which is courteous, courteous sounds. Similar to Curtis Stone, actually very similar to Curtis. Curtis Stone is a very famous chef Especially in Australia. He is also a big guy, if you know what he looks like he has this nice big build. And he cooks really good food.

So what would this big guy that needs to eat a lot, and he's also a chef. do with all that nice food that he could. He would eat not to eat that again. He needs lots of teeth.

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