Origins of Benign Salivary Gland Tumors

2 minutes
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Benign salivary gland tumors. We will first start by discussing the tumor origin. pleomorphic adenomas originated from the intercalating duct cells and myopia dated cells. How can you relate to pleomorphic at enormous to intercalated, DuckTales and myeloma cells. Let's now plio morphic, if we divided into Bo, which means play, and more, which means more and not less, and put them together, we will get more. Okay.

Now, where do you want to play play more on the calculator and my app? Imagine a little kid that loves numbers. They're telling him to play more on the calculator and the app that you have created for him. So play more on the calculator and my AP calculator here stands for intercalated duct cow Later Kelly, and my app my yo ap philia cells. So, play more pleomorphic originates from the calculator and my app. Enter colita DuckTales and my VP of Sales the second tumor aka static tumors originate from Star ated duct cells.

How can we remember this origin? We will first see the on from uncle sidekick which means on I've been put on and we will combine the CCO answer from serrated to get coaster, which equals coaster. That little piece of cardboard maybe that we put the coffee mug or the tea cup on. So you just have to remember this term on coaster. So whenever you see the word on co sidekick on co You completed with stir on coaster. And that's how you know that uncle sided tumors are derived from sorry, the duck cells

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