Giant Cell Fibroma

3 minutes
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Less than six. Let's get started. Chapter 17, oral soft tissue tumors reactive and neoplastic. a reactive hyper plastic fibrous tissue lesions, one giant set of fibroma clinical features 50% of all cases are present in Jinja. How can we remember that giant cell fibroma is most common and the Jinja here is how giant fibroma if you look at the first part of giant giant, it sounds something like Jinja giant Jinja Okay, so joining cell fibroma is most common in Jinja. Another clinical feature is that the mandibular Jinja is affected twice as much as the Mexico regions.

How can we remember this? Now, giants means something that is larger What is larger the mandible or the maxima? Of course, the mandible is giant when compared to the Magneto. Alright, so giant cell fibroma. What is giant? the mandible is giant.

Another clinical feature is that it affects younger age with female predilection. How can we remember? Now giant starts with z. If we put two Z's together, we will get z z, which is z, z and z. Now who is easy, she is a young female. So giant cell fibroma.

Gigi occurs most commonly in young females histopathology numerous large stellate fibroblasts are present within the superficial connective tissue and the covering everything UVM is in a traffic with some ready ridges that appear elongated. And now how can you remember these two features? stellate fibroblasts and recovering epithelium? It's been a traffic let's see. Still it sounds like a satellite right now the satellite is giant that is something that is giant right? And usually the satellite is clean or does it have some layer of dust?

Of course it has a thin layer of dust right? So, giant satellite dish is covered by a thin layer of dust. This is the whole mnemonic for the histopathology of giant cell fibroma giant giant cell fibroma satellite dish stellate fibroblasts covered by a thin layer of dust which is the traffic fan if you see them. Right

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