Bonus: Classification of Non-odontogenic Tumors of Bone

2 minutes
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Bonus classification of non adaptogenic tumors of bone classification primary benign now once you know which diseases are primary benign, you will know which are malignant. So if you know this list you don't have to know anything else. Primary benign Osceola and osteo blastoma cement ossifying fibroma and humans Yama. Now there's a code for each one of these. Let's see. Primary, the nine, Ben and benign is a guy.

Okay. Aussie blastoma and Osceola blast and Austria blastoma equals fun and Ma and Osceola equals Mum, ma mom blast fun. Okay cemento ossifying fiber lamb as we knew It is abbreviated as co Fei or coffee. The last one is humans yoma him equals him he. Okay. So if we add all these codes together we will get a story about Ben.

What is been doing then is having a blast with ma she's having coffee with him. Okay, so Ben benign, is having a blast. She's osteo blastoma with ma Ostia Ma. She's having coffee, which is Samantha ossifying fibroma. with him. She's Heymans Yama.

Once you memorize this short story, you will know which disorders fall under primary benign tumors of bone and that's you will know which are malignant that's it.

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