Osteochemonecrosis: Bisphosphonates

3 minutes
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Ending with the last condition which is osteo. Kimani Kherson, and this condition there is a mnemonic that will also make you want to pack your bags and travel again. Let's see, the definition of austere keema necrosis is bisphosphonates in use osteo necrosis. Now, this is quite easy and I suppose that by now, you know this my heart, but the difficult part is in what follows. The commonly prescribed bisphosphonates are Allen's urinate and dries ternate and this is a very commonly asked question. If can be asked as name to commonly prescribed this phosphonates or which of these is a bisphosphonate or a patient that takes alginate probably has which condition.

Here is how you can remember that these two drugs belong to the bisphosphonates. Let's look at the word bisphosphonates. For me, it's right away reminded me of the word. Bosphorus, which is an assemble just this great, beautiful scene that I wish I could just take a plane and go there right now. All right, so how is this related to the names of the drugs? Let's see.

Allen grow Nate and rise, donate. They both have the parts drawn, which means that they are two drones. Now we all know what drones are. These are the drones. So Allen grenades and rice grenades are two drums. Okay.

Let's look at them again. Allen journey. The part Allen sounds and looks like alien The rise in rise donate is a simple rise or go up. So we have an alien that rises and goes up when it's sucked by the UFO. Okay. hibari telling us stories right now.

No, I'm not. Here is how this all comes together. If we go to the Bosphorus, I will probably tell you to take some photos of the Bosphorus with your two drones that tries like an alien. Make sense now. So this is the beautiful Bosphorus and we standing there that I want you to take some beautiful photos from far above. I will ask you to get your two drones.

The tries just like an alien. take some photos. All right. Again, bisphosphonates In Bosphorus and we want to take photos of the Bosphorus with the two drones. We know that there are two drugs with the part drone eight. And then what is the first part?

The drones rise like an alien says rise, and alien. Rise, donate and donate. That's it.

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