Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

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Chapter 17 oral pigmented lesions a syndrome associated pigmentation. We will start with boots Jagger's syndrome. Definition a skin lesion characterized by freckle like spots on the oral mucosa and Peri oral skin. It is also associated with anti spinal polyps. Now how can we relate freckle like spots on the oral mucosa imperils can cliffs and spinal polyps with the name Pete Jagger's? Let's see.

First we will divide the name foods, sugars into food and Jaeger. Now, Poots sounds like pout, which is the mouth, which means that it affects the oral mucosa and Peri orals, canned foods, pout powders mouse, oral mucosa and Peri oral skin. Now put also sounds like pukes now why would On one puke because he has intestinal polyps. Okay, moving on to the second part which is jugglers now jugger sounds like Jaguar. What is characteristic for Jaguar it is spotted, which gives us that Preet Jagger's presents clinically as freckles or spots on the oral mucosa and Peri oral scamp. So foods Jagger's food is pout mouth, which means that it affects the oral mucosa and perioral skin and foods also equals pukes which means that it is associated with n Stanhope polyps and joggers equals Jaguar.

The Jaguar is spotted alright

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