Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma

1 minutes
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For peripheral ossifying fibroma clinical features mostly affects teenagers and young adults. Two thirds of the cases are present in females. How can we remember these two features? females, teenagers and adults? Let's see. Now peripheral ossifying fibroma is abbreviated as p o f, puff.

Puff sounds like puff. Okay. And puff is the hair puff that girls do. Now, who does a hair puff? The answer is teenage and young adult females. Okay, so peripheral also find fibroma puff, puff, who does a hair puff, teenage and young adult females.

The other clinical feature is that more than 50% of cases occur in the anterior region. How can we remember this now Again, sounds like plus, by this time puff pastry, the pastry that we all love and croissants and other things. Now, if you were to eat puff pastry, you would take a bite of the puff pastry with your anterior teeth. Okay, so peripheral ossifying fibroma. puff, air puff and puff pastry pair puff who does a hair puff, teenage and young adult females and puff pastry. How would you eat a puff pastry?

You would bite it with your anterior teeth. Okay.

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