Pleomorphic Adenoma

3 minutes
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Starting with the first benign delivery tumor, which is pleomorphic as the normal clinical features, most comments delivery gland tumor. Now how can we remember that pleomorphic adenomas is the most common so every gland tumor? Let's see. Now Plato, morphic, as we said play u equals play and more equals more if we put them together we will get the more now playing more is it more common or less common these days? It is more common to play more. So pleomorphic play more is most common.

Okay. Now one other clinical feature is the site. The two most common sites are the parotid and the palette. These might seem pretty difficult to remember, but we will find a way to remember them again, pleomorphic Click equals play more. And this time we're asking where to play more. play more on Papa's lap, dear Papa's lap.

And Papa here stands for palettes and parroted so pleomorphic play more. Where does it mostly occur on Papa's lap which is palette and parotid. Okay another clinical feature is the age it can occur at any age but is more common in adults 40 to 60 years old. Going back to the Papas mnemonic, most toppers are adults 40 to 60 years old. Okay, so play more were on puppet lab palette and parroted and proffers are adults 40 to 60 years old. Male males slightly more effective than females.

Again, play more on Papa's lap and papas are males or females. Papa's are males of course. Another feature is that it is painless mobile swelling. Again, play more playing. Is it painful or painless? Of course it is.

Painless. And where would you most commonly play you would play on the mobile. You remember the mobile that has my app and a calculator. So pleomorphic Anoma play more. Playing is painless, and you play on mobile. So to conclude the whole pleomorphic story, play more with a calculator and my app on mobile phone where on Papa's blood play more pleomorphic added oma originates from calculator and my app intercalated DuckTales.

And Mio EQ yourselves. A mobile phone it is a mobile swelling and playing is painless. So it is painless mobile swelling. Where on Papa's lap pleomorphic at Noma occurs most commonly on the parotid and palate palpa. Okay,

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