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The second disorder microbe Nithya. Let's look at some of the systemic causes of micro maith Yeah. Macro Agnetha can be caused by acromegaly and Paget's disease of bone. Now how can we relate these two diseases to macro magnesium? We will see how let's first start with macro navia macro Nithya contains the parts acro. So right there it contains acro mega Li right within the word.

Okay. So this is how we relate acromegaly with macro navia. Moving on to Paget's. Now if we look at Paget's, we can see that it has a very similar pronunciation to feature Which is the very famous car brand with the famous lion logo. Now this lion what is most characteristic of a lion? And the movie scenes for the lion like open up very wide?

That's right. It's often its mouth. Why? Because it has very big jaws. So who has a big jaw? Elian does.

So, Paget's visual visual equals Lion Lion equals Micronesia, which is large jaws. Now, let's just wrap up regarding acro megali. acromegaly is associated with two things. We discussed two things until now related to acromegaly. The first being with a see the acquired macro glows here and the second being with the whole acro part being macro navia So, acquired macro glow sia and acro macro euthanasia

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