Ameloblastoma: Part 2

4 minutes
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Mula blastoma histological patterns, we will first start with the Polycystic or common follicular Emil blastoma. One histological pattern of Polycystic Emmylou blastoma is Plexi form pattern Lexie form pattern is composed of a b philia that proliferate in MS are fishnet arrangement. How can we relate fishnet to Plexi form here is how Now the word Plexi form has an X right in the center. Now, what happens if we put some X's together just like this, we will get a fishnets okay. So, just by the shape of an X and Plexi form, you can remember that like C form equals fishnet arrangements. Okay.

Now, Plexus form pattern is also usually found in younger individuals. How can we remember that now, play See, and the word Plexi form reminds me of the word Pixar. Now who usually watches Pixar movies, such as Toy Story, for example, of course, younger individuals and not older individuals, watch Pixar movies. So Plexi Pixar, younger individuals watch Pixar movies. Moving on to the other pattern of Polycystic amela blastoma, which is bismal blastic. Patrick now does more plastic pattern has a makes trading Lucent radio pay great geographic appearance.

It is also more difficult to treat because it penetrates the surrounding bone. How can we remember that there's no plastic pattern and has a mixed radiographic appearance. And it also penetrates the surrounding bone. Here is how there's more. And there's mold plastic reminds me of the word disco does mo disco Now what is very characteristic in this image of the disco? It has bright and dark areas or mixed, so makes radiographic appearance.

Okay? If you think of the disco, is it calm and quiet or is it crazy? Of course it is crazy and crazy here means that penetrates the surrounding bone. Okay, so there's more. This co has dark and bright areas or mixed trigger graphic appearance and it is crazy. It isn't quiet, it doesn't remain in one place.

It penetrates the surrounding bone. Okay. Now we're done with a Polycystic Emil blastoma. Moving on to the unit cystic mula blastoma. It is usually associated with the crown of and impacted to young patients, usually a severely displaced mandibular third molar How can we remember this? Now the word you need to fake is very similar to the word unisex now who usually wears unisex clothing more younger people or older people, of course, younger individuals can wear unisex clothes and talking about younger individuals, which tooth is very commonly impacted in young patients.

Of course, it is the mandibular third molar and the mandibular third molar is more commonly impacted them the maxillary third molar as you know, so you need this thick, unisex, younger individuals wearing clothes and which truth is very commonly impacted in the younger individuals by mandibular surd mold. So we need to remember that both unisys thick and Plexi form Polycystic amela blastoma both occur in younger and The Jones here is a conclusion. Any cystic equals unisex and Plexi and Flexi form equals Pixar. So younger individuals wear unisex clothes and watch Pixar movies. Okay?

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